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MARIJUANA--THE GREAT DEBATE - Marijuana: History, Effects and Controversies. This web presentation will trace the major issues surrounding the use of marijuana  pages

Additional Marijuana History - Marijuana history timeline along with links to a number of valuable and relevant articles. Etymologically ... ADDITIONAL MARIJUANA HISTORY. ADJUNCT .

History of Hemp 101 - This article is an excerpt from the epic novel, Plastic Babylon, by Joseph Andrews. It is a tragic love story that centres on the growing season of the cannabis plant. The main character produces a newsletter each month, which dons the same title as the novel itself. "History of Hemp 101" is one such newsletter reproduced within the pages of Plastic Babylon. It covers, appropriately, the history of hemp. 
No More Drug War - The war on drugs is a war against creative communities. Drug enforcement has a history of specifically targeting musicians in a misguided cultural conflict that continues even today. Get involved in the movement for change! Green is the colour - An Italian anti-prohibition site. Includes history of Italian law, medical marijuana, description of The Plant and THC, actual Italian law and Holland's experience. (In Italian) 

Cannabis Campaigners Guide - All the info that a legalise-cannabis campaigner needs: facts, stats, addresses, e-mails, history, medicine, industry, religion, human rights, law, politics and FUN.

Captain Cannabis Web Site of Weed - All sorts of info on Marijuana, legal, medical, prices, how to make bongs, history, people, games and more.

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