Marijuana Affiliate Programs - Page 1 of 2 - An excellent affiliate program paying web masters 20% to 25% of the vaporizer sale less postage. Plus you get 10% of referred web masters commission. The affiliate program is owned and operated by Good traffic to sale conversion means that the affiliates gets rewarded for their traffic sent to - A great affiliate program which pays you 15% of the vaporizer sale. This site converts well and they are quick to pay their affiliates.

- 100% legal marijuana alternatives. They pay 20-25% of the sale and 10% for tier affiliates. A brilliant program, a must for all 420 affiliates. - Have an incredible deal on seeds. 50 Durban Poison cannabis seeds (worth $100). For only $20. Plus you get FREE bonuses. - Grow the perfect Marijuana. Its safe, secure, and easy to use! Anyone from 9-90 years old can easily operate this fully-automated grow box! - The best place to purchase high quality seeds. They have a great affiliate program. 10% of the sale, 5 cents a click and 2.5% of all referred web masters earnings. - Sacramental Herbs from

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