Organizations - Page 2 of 2 - is a non-profit organization dedicated to the full deregulation of and a free market for Industrial Hemp. 

NORMAL - Norsk Organisation for marijuana reform, a non-profit organization dedicated to work against the criminalization of cannabis in Norway. (In Norwegian and English) 

A. H.E.M.P. ~ Artists Helping End Marijuana Prohibition - a nonprofit membership organization comprised of people in the all of the arts, writing, performing, musical, visual, and athletics. It will support a change in the current laws on Cannabis/Hemp/Marijuana, through the dissemination of information about Hemp and its many medical, environmental and recreational uses, as well as the very negative social impact of the current prohibition. 

Levellers Cannabis Page - information about medical marijuana ballot initiatives in Alaska, Arizona, California, Colorado, Washington D.C., Florida, Maine, Nevada, Oregon and Washington state, info on organizations like the Colorado Hemp Initiative Project, Colorado Citizens for Compassionate Cannabis, ACT UP, and Americans for Medical Rights. 

Marijuana Legalization Organization - Marijuana Legalization Organization, legalize, legalization, drug policy, health, liberty, pot, weed, smoke, hash, bud, drugs, policy reform, reform, politics, ganga, Buddha, stoners, freedom, law.Marijuana Policy Project - Washington, D.C.based organization committed to full-time, organized lobbying for marijuana-law reform on the federal level. 

National Organization for the Reform of Marijuana Laws (NORML) - cannabistipoforte will organize an exposition and congress on medical and industrial cannabis on 8-10 April of the year 2005 in Carrara (Italy). The website includes news and articles on medicinal, agrocultural/industrial, botanical and miscellaneous s

Hemp Evolution: Cannabis Activist Information & Marijuana Resources - Hemp Evolution is dedicated to the relegalization of one of nature\'s most beneficial plants.

Marijuana Party of Canada Parti Marijuana du Canada - The Canadian political party for legal reform and legalization of pot, founded by ex Bloc-Pot (provincial) leader (and ex-bassist of activist band Grim Skunk) Marc Boris St-Maurice.

Bloc Pot - Quebec\'s marijuana political party started by Ex-Grim Skunk Bassist Boris.

The Page - This web page talks about anything and everything, even issues dealing with drugs, raciscm, and politics - Gramtel has the facility of co-location ,collocation,colocation,racks,cabinets,cages,disaster recovery services co-location with exprienced technical staff for successful recovery strategy.

Homepage of The Family Council on Drug Awareness Europe inc. The Fully Informed Jury Association International. - Not-for-profit cannabis campaign which presents Legal Grounds for RESTORATION: complete RELEGALISATION, AMNESTY & RESTITUTION, endorsed by a former official Adviser to U.S. government Nobel laureate; and by academics, doctors and judges (U.S. & U.K.). Fre

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