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Legalization of Marijuana - Information regarding the legalization of marijuana. 

Legalization of Marijuana Blog - Find out what people really think about the legalization of marijuana.

Legalize Marijuana - Arguments for and against the legalisation of marijuana.

Aotearoa Legalise Cannabis Party - A political party in New Zealand, fighting for the legalisation of cannabis for recreational, spiritual, medicinal and industrial purposes. 

BC Marijuana Party - The website of BC's newest provincial political party dedicated to exposing provincial participation in drug war. 

Defending Safe Access in Sacramento - Sacramento Americans for Safe Access is a chapter of a nationa non-profit grassroots media campaign directed to Stop the Federal Government and thier anti-medical marijuana campaign.

Colorado's In Your Face Political Takeover - Ken Gormans site for the monthly smoke-ins and campaign for governor of Colorado in 2002 

Galvan.org - Liberatarian Candidate for Houston City Council 

Gatewood Galbraith, The Last Free Man in America - one of America's leading hemp & marijuana advocates; won 9% of Democrat Primary votes for Governor in '95 with a $20 thousand campaign against 3 opponents who spent $5.4 million." Reform Party candidate in 1999! 

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