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Chat Rooms - Come in and have a chat with friends.

marijuana channel on IRC Undernet at - IRC chat on undernet with the friendliest stoners on the internet! 

Marijuana channel on IRC WEBChat.ORG - Real Time Smoker Support Chat, on a stable server, WebChat, unnecessarily manned 24/7 for almost 3 years. 

pot - on StonerNET - The best stoner chat around. Since 1997. Come on in and get your buzz on. United We're Stoned, Divided We're Busted 

Chillout Cannabis Chat - Discussions about Hemp & Grow. German HTML Chat, more than 800 registered users... check it out! 

Digital Darkness Dot Net - Chatrooms, Voice Chat, search for new friends in the Netizen Search, post your photo link, free email, free webpages, more... 

DrugSense Chat - activists meet to chat at 9pm Eastern time, 6pm Pacific Time on Saturday and Sunday evenings. Java required. 

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