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420 Planet - Your all in one Cannabis Community Website! Sign up for free! Get the latest Marijuana News, Sports, News Updates, and Weather. Shop the best, 420 Store has it all! Free Email with POP Access, 420 Instant Messenger, Chatroom, Free Classifieds, Message Boards. 

Cannabis Clubs - is a place where medical marijuana patients can connect with other medical marijuana patients to freely review local cannabis dispensaries.

Hemp Nation - Free email, chat rooms & more! 

Hempsters - The Hempsters is a Yahoo! club for people who want to legalize Marijuana. We have over 300 members as of 8/5/99. Join for free. Post messages, links, photos.....Legalize Marijuana! Join the Club! 

1 Street Team and Member Rewards - Join the 1 Percent community and be rewarded for building it and helping it grow. All activities earn Tokes which can be redeemed for prizes such as custom glass and surf trips. Members gain access to special discounts as well as the ability to meet other in their area. 

A Time 4 Hemp - A World Forum where people can exchange ideas on protecting Freedom and changing the insane laws that surround Hemp. Great photos of Willie Nelson, Dr. Tim Leary and Jack Herer! 

Americans for Marijuana Reform - political movement-we are trying to get voters interested and willing to make local, state, and federal officials talk about the issue of marijuanna reform. 

AutoNarcosis - AutoNarcosis - Numb Your Mind A Community with chat, forums, online games and music archives! 

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