5 benefits of CBD capsules

5 benefits of CBD capsules

CBD capsules are more like a regular supplement than any other CBD product on the market. This gives them a unique appeal for prospective CBD users, who are yet to experience the effects of help and cannabis and want a product that delivers more predictable effects.

Curious about whether CBD capsules are for you? Here are five benefits you should know about.

They are non-psychoactive

Cannabidiol (CBD) is a non-intoxicating substance derived from hemp. You won’t get “high” from taking it, or experience any of the negative short and long-term effects that may come from consuming cannabis. In many ways, CBD is the antithesis of psychoactive THC and has been shown to reduce the intensity of a marijuana high.

Therefore, CBD users are typically comfortable with taking capsules during the day, such as at work. In fact, a small capsule dose may even help with concentration levels.

Provide lasting relief

CBD from capsules is released into the bloodstream via the stomach. This means it takes longer for CBD to become present in the blood and for concentrations to peak, but the upshot is effects that last longer than smoked and vaporized CBD, and even CBD from tincture oils.

This lasting relief is great for soothing chronic symptoms, which never seem to let up. In these cases, fast relief isn’t essential. What’s important is that the CBD is provided efficiently and economically. With capsules, you won’t need to top up your dose every couple of hours.

Can be mixed with other extracts

An understated perk of CBD capsules is that the CBD can be blended with other natural plant extracts, for extra or a certain type of relief. Some brands make special CBD capsule products, but you can also concoct homemade capsules by investing in some empty shells and a capsule maker.

For instance, you could get some CBD capsules mixed with kava, chamomile, and melatonin to enhance relaxation and encourage sleep. Or you could infuse CBD and turmeric extracts for more potent inflammation relief. The possibilities are endless and, with capsules, it couldn’t be easier to experiment.

Deliver accurate dosages

Getting your dosage correct to the milligram is all but impossible with CBD flower and most vaping products. Some do not mind being a little bit over or under, but if you do prefer an accurate dose, capsules are just the ticket.

Every capsule product contains a standardized CBD dose, so you get the same amount every time. You don’t need to worry about measuring as anything out – just swallow the capsule down with a glass of water, ideally during a meal!

No hemp taste

Hemp has a potent, earthy and unforgettable taste. Some love it, others absolutely hate it. If you’re in the latter camp, capsules are very effective at masking the flavor of this strong, natural extract.

All the CBD is contained within the capsule, making it pretty much flavorless. So, there’s no need to let the taste put you off taking hemp-based CBD!