5 Informative CBD Tips Beginners Need to Know

5 Informative CBD Tips Beginners Need to Know

When I first tried CBD hemp oil, I did not know how drastically it would affect how I lived my life. I have always been interested in homeopathy and naturopathy, preferring herbal treatments over OTC pharmaceutic ones. That is how I took care of my well-being, treating my stress, depression and anxiety. CBD has took the number one spot in my list of go-to treatments, significantly changing my wellness for the better.

For people who don’t know what CBD is, cannabidiol or CBD is a non-psychoactive component derived from marijuana or hemp. This means it does not give you feelings of euphoria. Despite that, it has a lot of therapeutic properties. It can be used as a treatment for Parkinson’s, epilepsy, bipolar disorder, inflammation and anxiety.

I have used a variety of products containing CBD this past year, so technically I am no longer a newbie when it comes to cannabidiol. I might not be an expert, but I know from firsthand experience what it is like to take CBD both orally and topically. The types of CBD products I have tried include oils, tinctures, capsules, chocolates, balms, sprays, salves and creams. I have taken high dosages like 90 milligrams to low doses like two milligrams, and now I know what my perfect dosage is. CBD has helped a lot with relieving my pain, muscle tension, anxiety, stress and you can even buy CBD online.

I am definitely not in the medical field, so don’t take everything I say as scientific fact. The things I have learned I have gained through experiencing CBD personally, all the while discussing it, interviewing people and doing research myself.

First Tip: Experiment with Different Products

You already know that CBD comes in different forms. It could be a tincture, gummies or even chocolates. Do you want to pop capsules instead of taking oil? Are you suffering from pain and need a cream or balm?

Experiment and do research! It all depends on what you and your body needs. It will take you time to figure out what’s the perfect timing, dosage, product and method but it is definitely worth it.

Second Tip: Never Give Up!

You might not be feeling anything because you are supposed to start with a small dosage. Do not give up because you are not alone! There is no need to stress how CBD has no effect on you, because it is normal. Just because you do not feel anything or you do not see any results does not mean that CBD is useless. Be patient and trust the process. Try different products and dosages to see what is perfect for you.

Third Tip: Get the Right Dosage

Dosages vary depending on the person and what you want to treat. Start at the bottom before you get to the top. With smaller doses, you can gauge CBD’s effectiveness and your own sensitivity. This is so you are better in control of how much you are consuming. If you think it is not working, slowly increase  your dosage after a few weeks.

Let us say you started with 2 milligrams. After a week, you start with 3 milligrams or 4. Eventually, you get to 10 or 15 milligrams. It will take time and effort. You can also keep a diary so you can record how different dosages affect you. This is even applicable to other kinds of medicines and therapies.

Fourth Tip: Stay Hydrated.

Drinking water is essential to your health. We are told to drink at least eight glasses a day for improved well-being. This is especially true when you start taking CBD. It can make you feel a little bit dehydrated, similar to the feeling you get after drinking coffee or tea. So it is essential not to forget to drink water regularly.

Most people are pretty dehydrated at any given moment (we all need to be drinking more water), but CBD has highlighted just how much more water I’ve needed. As noted, your experience will vary, but from those I’ve talked to (and what I’ve read) this is a more common “side effect.” Just like you might feel a little dehydrated when you drink tea or coffee, this herb could cause similar effects. It’s a great reminder to keep the H2O flowing all day long!

Fifth Tip: Nobody is the Same

People experience things like natural treatments, prescription medications and OTC medicines differently. The same applies to CBD crystals isolate. Your mom’s, lover’s and friend’s experience can be different from how you experience 10 milligrams of CBD. Just like how some people can get drunk of one bottle of beer while others can drink as much as they want without getting intoxicated, CBD is like that.

Your DNA plays an important role on how CBD affects you and what dosages are effective. We might all be human beings but their are small differences in how we are wired that influence how our bodies receive marijuana and CBD. What other people feel when taking CBD could be different from you, including this post.  You can use this as a reference, but it is not a fixed list of regulations.

Final Puff

I hope this article has helped you learn more about CBD. If you have any questions or suggestions, feel free to leave a comment below!