510 thread vape pen battery

510 thread vape pen battery

The 510 thread vape pen battery, also known as an ego thread, is a thread design used in most of the product connections in the vaping world. The 510 thread vape pen batteries are lightweight which are used with oil cartridges.

Vape pen batteries with 510 thread are considered as universal thread design. It is known as 510 thread battery because there are ten screw heads in the tank of the cartridge and it measures 0.5 mm in length. This size is compatible with the vape pens, and this is why it is known as 510 thread battery. eGo-T, Joyetech used this term 510 thread for the first time. 0.5 mm is the standard size. But, it is not necessary that all there will be ten threads present in them to make it compatible with the vape pen.

There are various batteries and cartridges available in the market which have 510 threads. Most of the vape pens with 510 thread batteries feature LED lights that make the device glow when the device is turned on. The new devices even have USB outputs built-in them. Some vape pens also feature variable voltage settings and also have an option to preheat. The preheat mode sends a low voltage pulse which gently heats up the oil.

A good 510 thread vape pen battery can provide a stable connection to your vape and is compatible with a variety of atomizers.

The 510 thread batteries are small and feature variable voltage settings. The voltage settings can be adjusted via a dialer.

Benefits of 510 Thread Batteries:

  • More and More battery life
  • LED and LCD Technology
  • Portable
  • Lightweight
  • Ease-to-use
  • Compatible with a variety of atomizers
  • Compact design
  • Discreet
  • Adjustable voltage settings

Things to consider before purchasing 510 thread battery

  1. Voltage Settings – The voltage range for 510 thread batteries is generally from 3.3 to 4.8V. Various batteries allow users to adjust the voltage and hence the output. You can change the temperature and voltage according to your preference, whereas the standard 510 batteries do not feature the function of temperature control.
  2. Battery charger of the vape – The new types of equipment even have USB charge ports in-built. Therefore, before making the final decision of purchase, you should check the battery charger. The USB battery option makes it more accessible. You can connect it with any USB port. But you should not do it. You should only use the USB charger that comes with your battery. Do not charge it with your phone charger. It may degrade the quality of the battery, and you might need to replace it soon.
  3. Battery Capacity – Another factor that you should consider is battery capacity. You should check the mAh (milliampere-hour) of the battery. The battery size depends on your needs and preferences. Generally, a battery with 300 mAh can last the whole day. Evod Twist 2 is one of the best variable voltage battery for the beginner with 1600 mAh capacity. If you’re looking for a good battery, you must consider it.