Accept Credit Cards for your Marijuana Business

If you have a marijuana or CBD related business, there is a good chance at some point in time your merchant facilities (ability to accept credit/debit cards) will be canceled. Often this is down to politics from the bank that provides you with your merchant account.

This is a very stressful situation and it means that you can lose sales whilst setting up merchant facilities system. Can take 1-2 weeks to get your merchant account set up depending on the demand at the time of year. Also it may be that your current bank/merchant facilities broker is overcharging you and we can provide you with a better rate.

We have done the hard working finding the best brokers to help you to accept credit cards for your website. There are many banks who are difficult to deal with and quite a few brokers are unprofessional and waste your time. PureTHC have partner with 3 merchant facilities brokers who can get you the best deal if your business is located in the USA or most countries across the world.

Please fill in the following form and you will be contacted via our 3 credit card acceptance brokers. Usually within 24 hours you will have a response.