Are CBD Edibles Effective for Chronic Pain?

Are CBD Edibles Effective for Chronic Pain?

With most countries from all around the world moving towards the complete legalization of CBD products, there is an active online discussion among users who want to find the best CBD oil for pain. However, there are many customers who do not like the taste of raw hemp and would rather take cannabidiol-infused edible to enjoy the beneficial properties of cannabinoids and terpenes.

As the market continues to grow and the offer of CBD edibles in the market expands at an unprecedented rate, users are trying to find more information on the actual effectiveness of these products. On one hand, sublingual cannabidiol tinctures are readily absorbed into the bloodstream through the mucous membranes under the tongue and their effectiveness is a result of this easy absorbability. Edibles, on the other hand, must travel through the digestive system before their components can enter the circulatory system.

Bioavailability: The Key to CBD Effectiveness

One of the most commonly used terms in the CBD industry is “bioavailability”, which refers to the percentage of a substance that is absorbed into the bloodstream of the user. The fact that cannabidiol edibles are less bioavailable does not mean their effects cannot be felt, but simply that they will take longer to be absorbed by the body.

For customers who want an immediate effect, CBD edibles are certainly not the best option. However, for users who want stress and anxiety relief throughout the day, they can be the perfect alternative to sublingual tinctures or vapes.

One of the best examples of effective cannabidiol-infused edibles are CBD cookies. Simply taking one or two during breakfast can help you feel relaxed and focused throughout the rest of the day. For chronic pain, sore muscles and even localized injuries, edibles might not be the fastest-acting alternative, but they are able to stay in the body for longer and reduce the need to consume them often.

Quality Comes from the Plant

While there is an ongoing debate to determine whether sublingual CBD oil or edibles are more effective, the fact is that the quality of both of them relies on the growth and extraction methods used during their production. Edibles and tinctures made with premium organic hemp extracted by advanced CO2 techniques are more effective than those made with hemp plants grown with pesticides and extracted with alcohol or other solvents.

When it comes to chronic pain, the main factor determining the effectiveness of a CBD product is its components. Full-spectrum tinctures are the most recommended, as they contain not only cannabidiol but also a wide range of additional cannabinoids and terpenes naturally present in the hemp plant.

Once CBD and other cannabinoids reach the bloodstream, they travel to the brain and interact with their CB2 receptors, which are responsible for the body’s immune system and the sensation of pain. Chronic pain causes an unbalance in these receptors, and both CBD tinctures and edibles are effective in restoring their healthy functioning without causing any secondary effects.