Arizer Argo Vs Arizer Air 2

Arizer Argo Vs Arizer Air 2

When the family gets together there are always feuds, we all know that. But with the Arizer family, it is more of a bonding top class family members, with only slight differences. Although the Argo is smallest and most portable, it is jam-packed with all the same much needed and advanced gadgets of the Air 2.

Design and Portability

Without a doubt, the Arizer Go vaporizer is the smaller of the two, and most portable by any means. It comfortably fits into any pocket for easy access and vaporizing while on the move. The Air 2, on the other hand, is slightly bulkier, and it is not wise to carry it around with its extended mouthpiece. It can, however, be detached and neatly packed for safe travelling in its carry-case. Both vaporizers have a borosilicate glass mouthpiece which cools the vapor before leaving the vaporizer. The Air 2’s mouthpiece is slightly longer and therefore not good for portability as it vulnerable to cracking if not carried correctly in its carry case. The Argo comes with a granular temperature control, while the Air 2 has precise temperature control display using low-energy OLED display. The one major benefit of the Argo is that with a push of a button, the glass mouthpiece slips into the body of the vaporizer, rendering it protected from accidental breakage.


Battery duration for both is roughly 90 minutes, which is the equivalent of about 70-90 hits.  Both vaporizers use an interchangeable 18650 Li-Ion battery that takes up to 4 hours to charge. The Argo comes with a 2-year warranty and has a proven track record and a solid design. The air 2 comes with a whopping lifetime warranty with the heating element. Pass through charging is available for both units, after 15-20 minutes of charging with the micro USB charger.


Both are easy to maintain, well-designed units that are intuitive and easy to learn. The Argo should only be used for dry herb vaporizing while the air 2 has additional functionality being an aromatherapy diffuser, therefore perfect for a concentrate of your choice.

Oven and Heating

The Argo holds a little less dry herb and you can easily pack about 0.15 grams of herb into the oven, which is the equivalent of about 10-13 potent hits. The Air 2 has a slightly bigger oven, holding 0.2 grams of dry herb, providing about 12-15 hits of potent vapor to the user. Both vaporizers use a convection heating system for the over, meaning the herb is not directly heated, instead heated, pressurised air passes through the herb providing a quality taste and aroma.

Both Arizer vaporizers are excellent value for money when it comes to vaporizers. They both provide great quality vapor with big clouds!