Atmos Jump Vaporizer Review

Atmos Jump Vaporizer Review

Before we take a look at the Atmos Jump vaporizer review, we needed to make a stride back and assess exactly how far the vaporizer business has come in such a short space of time. Only a couple of years prior, these gadgets were not especially convenient and were overly expensive. Today you can shop them online at a fair price with hundreds of brands coming up every year.

Atmos Jump Vaporizer: Features

The Atmos Jump vape is a natural convection vaporizer that is intended for dry weed. The unit contains a vaporizer with a ground-breaking 1200 mAh battery, a simple mouthpiece, a loading device, a cleaning brush, a small-scale USB charger and a manual.

Maybe the greatest drawback of the Jump vape is that it just has one temperature setting. Interestingly, most other similarvaporizers have no less than three settings which offer more noteworthy adaptability and gives you a choice between better vapor or enhanced flavor. (Additionally, having the capacity to modify the temperature enables you to “alter” the intensity of your vape by vaping at or beneath the breaking points of particular cannabinoids and terpenes which are qualities of a good CBD vaporizer).

Despite the single temp setting, however, the Atmos Jump vaporizer compensates for this issue by guaranteeing your dry herb is warmed inside 10 seconds! This is an unmistakable difference to other convection vaporizer models which can take up to 60 seconds to heat up.

We don’t know precisely where the “Jump” name originates from, however apparently the reason for a Jump pack is to ‘kick off’ your vaping life. At the end of the day, it is one of the best option for beginners.

As far as development, the real pen comprises of only two pieces: the battery (with an implicit broiler) and a mouthpiece (which contains a locking component that enables you to open or bolt with a basic turn). The mouthpiece has been reinforced for sturdiness for 2018 and is substantially less liable to break than prior Atmos models.

The chamber has a little limit of 0.2 grams, yet that is still sufficient for up to 10 great puffs. Additionally, the ground-breaking 1200 mAh battery guarantees you can have around six sessions previously charging, and it takes 2-3 hours to charge completely from a dead battery (the small scale USB plug is situated at the base of the gadget).

Step by step instructions to Use the Atmos Jump

One of the main things about the Atmos Jump vaporizer is the nature of the carbon fiber body. You don’t need to stress over it breaking into pieces, and dissimilar to many other vapes you can own it for years, it is likely not going to break on the off chance that you inadvertently drop it on the floor. Likewise, the anodized metal warming component implies you can securely vape from the unit consistently without worrying that the material debasement that can contaminate your bud.

The interface comprises a solitary power catch which you should squeeze three times to activate. The vaporizer quickly heats up, and the LED turns orange. After the gadget has achieved the correct temperature, the LED turns green which is your flag to begin vaping! To power the unit off, tap the power button three more times.

Our Atmos Jump vaporizer reviews group could vape from the unit for around four minutes relentless, which won’t appear like a ton but rather is an impressive decent execution from a load that holds under 0.2 grams of herb. Additionally, while the other dry herb vaporizers we reviewed had issues with overpacking, we found that the Jump’s chamber performed well when the herb chamber was full.


Before the end of our vape session, we were surprised to find that the used herb had darker shading, which is an unmistakable sign that the stove heated the material equally and evenly.

Cleaning and maintenance

The Atmos Jump Vaporizer is easy to clean; use the cleaning brush after each session, and you’ll effectively expel the buildup and overabundance material. After each couple of sessions, you should need to utilize a liquor wipe or liquor on a cotton swab.

Vapor Quality

All dry herb vaporizers have a potential burning  (which means the bud begins to burst into flames as opposed to being 100% vaped) at high temps, yet the Atmos Jump vaporizer is extraordinary. As it is a convection unit, it practically has zero hazards while vaping and gives users a fantastic vapor quality. You will likely get frail mists in the initial 30 seconds of a session however from that point forward; it leaves you with a sensible measure of vapor, even with short 2-second draws.

The flavor is additionally extraordinary, and even though it just has the one temperature setting, it doesn’t affect its quality at all.

General Thoughts on the Atmos Jump

If you revealed to us that a marijuana vaporizer of this quality would be accessible for less than $100 a couple of years back, we would have laughed you out of the room. The Atmos Jump vaporizer is one of the best dry herb vaporizers for amateurs available, and even cannabis professionals will value its effortlessness and quality. It is unimaginably simple to vape with, has a sensible battery life, and gives a lot of vapor and exceptional flavor.

I will rate it 9/10

Atmos Jump Pros

Simple to load, clean and utilize.

To a great degree speedy heating up time.

Sturdy and cheap.

Superb flavor and vapor

Atmos Jump Cons

Battery charging is a little on the moderate side.

One temperature setting.

Moderately little broiler.