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CBD Adhesives: A Simple and Seamless Way to Consume Cannabidiol

While sublingual CBD oils and tinctures have been popular for years among regular consumers of cannabidiol, several companies have funded research to discover new administration methods that are simpler and more effective for consumers. Given the recent changes in CBD-related legislation in the United States, Canada and –to a lesser extent- Australia, the cannabidiol industry […]

The Booming CBD Industry in Australia

While CBD dispensaries are everywhere in the cities of the United States and Western Europe, different legislations have limited the growth of the cannabidiol industry in both Australia and New Zealand. Fortunately, online businesses are taking over and local customers can have almost any CBD product delivered to their door without having to visit any […]

Millennials and CBD: How the Cannabidiol Industry is Adapting to a new Generation

The recent legislative changes regulating the sale and consumption of CBD products across the United States has come at a time when a new generation of young individuals is taking over every industry. Millennials are characterized by their innovative spirit and their increasing demand for trendy and hand-crafted CBD products. The CBD industry is certainly […]

How Do You Sprout Cannabis Seeds?

Marijuana plants need very little maintenance, as long as you grow them in the right environment. The best way to start your garden is by getting the right cannabis seeds. You also need to have seedling trays, heating mats, and humidity domes. You can easily get them from grow shops or nurseries. You might also […]

What are the benefits of Hemp Creams?

There are hundreds of creams on sale today, all claiming to give you a supple and soft skin. However, when it comes to buying something that guarantees you a range of natural benefits, hemp creams have the upper hand. In this post, we will explore how hemp infused creams can help you moisturize, protect, and […]