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Puffco Plus: Pure and Practical

Cannabis concentrates are famed for their potency as well as for their purity, they provide users with the perfect balance of THC and CBD. Commonly known as dabs, concentrates are the product of extracting cannabinoids from the actual cannabis plant. The most common extraction method is by using solvents like carbon dioxide or butane which […]

CBD for dogs

As dog owners, we all yearn for the same thing for our beloved pets, for them to be in high spirits and healthy. A lot of people do extraordinary things just to make sure that their furry friends are as comfortable as possible. Whether this means buying an unimaginable amount of toys and treats for […]

Cannabidiol OIL and its Relative Products

Cannabidiol is one of the major phytocannabinoids found in marijuana, the other being THC. The two phytocannabinoids interact with human cells to elicit different effects. Most people still confuse the two; however, with a lot of research, the two have been found to possess different and unique properties. Whereas THC is responsible mainly for the […]

Using CBD: Is there an age limit?

Studies are being conducted from time to time to establish whether the use of CBD and allied products in as a form of treatment is acceptable. Some of these studies have already shown that CBD can be used to manage both childhood conditions and late-onset disorders experienced by the senior members of the society. In […]

Post Traumatic Stress Disorder

Sometimes in life people encounter such situations, which change them overnight. These situations are not your daily life’s simple ups and downs but something very serious that seems to hold the person in a state of a nightmare for a very long period of time. This is the case with 44.7 million people in the […]

CBD May Help Keep Addicts Sober

CBD has consistently blown the collective mind of the healthcare industry time and again in recent times. Specifically, there has been an uptick in research studying how cannabidiol (CBD), a cannabinoid found in many strains of cannabis, is useful in helping to keep addicts sober. The results of the research are available publicly on pubmed. […]

Cannabis Vaping Temperature Guide

When starting out vaping, it can be challenging to find the precise temperature for the perfect session When you ask most beginners about adjusting their vaping experience, they immediately think of different strengths and strains of marijuana. But what also has a significant impact on the final quality of the high produced is the temperature […]