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CBD May Help Keep Addicts Sober

CBD has consistently blown the collective mind of the healthcare industry time and again in recent times. Specifically, there has been an uptick in research studying how cannabidiol (CBD), a cannabinoid found in many strains of cannabis, is useful in helping to keep addicts sober. The results of the research are available publicly on pubmed. […]

Cannabis Vaping Temperature Guide

When starting out vaping, it can be challenging to find the precise temperature for the perfect session When you ask most beginners about adjusting their vaping experience, they immediately think of different strengths and strains of marijuana. But what also has a significant impact on the final quality of the high produced is the temperature […]

Can CBD Treat Anxiety?

Over the recent years, acceptance of Hemp products has dramatically increased. Hemp and Marijuana products have started to undergo scientific studies regarding their medical benefits. The results have been quite astonishing. One of the most useful compounds in the Cannabis plant for treating medical disorders is CBD. CBD is short for the compound called Cannabidiol […]

Teenage patient uses Cannabinoid Treatment to treat Leukemia & Excellent Results were Recorder

Cannabis that is taken orally in the form of ‘Hemp oil’ is considered to be a better option for cancer treatment according to a study done some time back. A female teenage patient was diagnosed with acute lymphoblastic leukemia with a Philadelphia chromosome mutation. This specific mutation is a much more antagonistic and catastrophic case […]

Arizer Argo Vs Arizer Air 2

When the family gets together there are always feuds, we all know that. But with the Arizer family, it is more of a bonding top class family members, with only slight differences. Although the Argo is smallest and most portable, it is jam-packed with all the same much needed and advanced gadgets of the Air […]

Essential Health Tips for Cannabis Consumers

Cannabis is well-known for its several medical advantages, however, it’s not completely benign to the body, and there area unit many undesirable effects it will have: brain fog, day-after hangovers, paranoia, or perhaps the typically harsh effects of cannabis smoke. The world is more and more accretive the thought of recreational marijuana use, whereas governing bodies across the world have become additional and additional liberal regarding the approach healthful marijuana […]

The Chemistry of CBD Oil

Before diving into the chemistry of CBD, we must first learn what CBD really is. For many years, THC has been in the spotlight for causing medicinal as well as psychoactive “high” states of being. So, what does CBD do? Contrary to what you might think, CBD oil seemingly provides an array of medicinal benefits […]