Buying CBD Products in New Zealand: Everything you need to Know

Buying CBD Products in New Zealand: Everything you need to Know

Ever since the Ministry of Health of New Zealand removed Cannabidiol from the list of controlled drugs in the country, hundreds of companies and thousands of users are now able to buy and sell CBD products with less restrictions. The agency’s decision came as a result of both a recommendation by the Expert Advisory Committee on Drugs and the trend towards regularization experienced by countries such as Canada, the United States and most states in Western Europe.

As this change in legislation is still recent, CBD dispensaries and even online companies are slowly being established to meet the growing demand for cannabidiol products. Nowadays, the best options for local users are often found in international CBD companies such as the Australian Down to Earth.

Social Acceptance of CBD is growing in New Zealand

As societies from all around the world are quickly becoming aware of the benefits of cannabidiol, its acceptance has also increased and new users are trying to get CBD oils, edibles and topicals to treat many different conditions.

In New Zealand, local CBD companies are trying to change the narrative and explain the differences between cannabidiol and the psychoactive components also present in the hemp plant. With more positive reviews and satisfied users every time, we can only see a bright future for cannabidiol in the country.

 Which CBD Products are Available in New Zealand?

While CBD Oils in New Zealand have been available for years, products such as edibles, pet treats and topicals are slowly becoming popular in the country.

CBD Protein Powders and even CBD Pet Treats can be purchased by Kiwi customers online from local and international retailers. Before purchasing any product, we recommend you to do some research and try to find previous customer reviews to understand its benefits and read if they relate to your expectations.

Cannabidiol extracts are effective due to CBD’s ability to balance the endocannabinoid system, reduce inflammation and act as natural antioxidants. Common conditions treated with cannabidiol extracts include anxiety, chronic pain, insomnia, depression and epilepsy.

For rashes and localized conditions, there is a wide range of CBD Topicals in New Zealand available for local customers. These products are absorbed directly through the skin and therefore can act fast without having to travel through the entire circulatory system. Furthermore, most CBD topicals contain not only cannabidiol but also extracts from plants such as arnica and Aloe Vera, which have therapeutic properties on their own.