Can CBD Treat Anxiety?

Can CBD Treat Anxiety?

Over the recent years, acceptance of Hemp products has dramatically increased. Hemp and Marijuana products have started to undergo scientific studies regarding their medical benefits. The results have been quite astonishing. One of the most useful compounds in the Cannabis plant for treating medical disorders is CBD. CBD is short for the compound called Cannabidiol that is found in the plant. CBD, unlike THC, is completely non-psychoactive and does not give users any kind of ‘high’.

CBD has been found to help relieve many different ailments. CBD has been scientifically proven to lessen pain, insomnia, and several other things. One of the most highly debated topics regarding CBD is its effect on mental disorders like anxiety. This article will strictly discuss the findings on CBD and anxiety and exactly how one can relieve themselves from their anxiety symptoms.

What is Anxiety?

Anxiety is a mental disorder that develops due to many different factors. Anxiety is simply defined as the feeling of worry or nervousness. Everyone feels anxiety at some point in their lives. Stressful events such as a big test or job interview often triggers anxiety in even the healthiest of people. In cases like these, anxiety is normal. However, some people have anxiety throughout the day. People with anxiety disorders feel worried during times when they shouldn’t be. There are many kinds of anxiety that can cause issues to those affected. For example, Obsessive Compulsive disorder is an anxiety disorder that may cause people to wash their hands hundreds of times a day due to an obsession with having them clean. In general, anxiety that is apparent for six consecutive months is an issue.

Why is CBD a good option for Anxiety?

A lot of people prefer to use CBD products to treat their anxiety rather than taking prescription medication. CBD works on the same parts of the brain that anti-anxiety medications do and therefore provide similar relief from the disorder. These areas include the Endocannabanoid system and the Prefrontal cortex. CBD balances these systems and helps them to better regulate mood and anxiety. An in-depth look at how exactly CBD works for anxiety can be found here. For some, CBD is more effective for treating anxiety disorders than medications. Another reason why CBD is an effective option is because it is much easier on the body. Taking prescription medication every day is not healthy and often isn’t good to continue as a long-term method. CBD however, is completely safe and has no known side effects. It is much healthier on the body as it works on a naturally occurring system already found in the body.

How does one use CBD to treat Anxiety?

CBD can be administered into the body in many ways. There are numerous products that include CBD such as tinctures, vape oils, edibles, and more. Whatever form you choose, professionals recommend at least 10 mg per dose of CBD. This must be taken daily for results to occur. According to Project CBD, some people may need up to a gram dose of CBD for effective results.

Is CBD legal?

Yes, Cold Pressed CBD Hemp Oil is completely legal in all 50 states in the U.S. While CBD products are legal to purchase and use, it is still illegal to grow the plant in most states. This makes the situation kind of tricky to understand. One may wonder, how are CBD products being sold across the country if the plant it comes from is illegal. To answer that question, CBD products are made in states where the growth of Hemp and Marijuana has been legalized. Manufacturers that have obtained a license can grow and extract CBD from plants to create CBD infused products.

Final Thoughts

CBD is evolving as an alternative to prescription anxiety medication. Due to the effectiveness and lack of side effects that comes from using a natural substance like CBD, a lot of people are trying it out. A popular and reliable source of CBD products can be found here. As anyone with Anxiety knows, the condition can be debilitating. If CBD continues to provide relief to people like it has been, a lot of people will be using it to deal with their condition.