Cannabidiol OIL and its Relative Products

Cannabidiol OIL and its Relative Products

Cannabidiol is one of the major phytocannabinoids found in marijuana, the other being THC. The two phytocannabinoids interact with human cells to elicit different effects. Most people still confuse the two; however, with a lot of research, the two have been found to possess different and unique properties.

Whereas THC is responsible mainly for the psychoactive effects of marijuana, CBD produces the clinically desirable effects of marijuana. It also counteracts the negative effects of THC. For these reasons, CBD is the main component of medicinal marijuana. It produced and sold mainly as CBD oil. There are, however, other numerous CBD products in the market.

Despite being legal worldwide, purchasing CBD products is not a simple task. These products come in different forms, shapes, and sizes. To make an informed decision on which product to purchase, one needs to consider the CBD concentration of the product, the hemp oil to CBD ratio, the ease of use, taste, price, the time of onset of effects and duration of effects. The different products of CBD are discussed briefly below.


A very popular and less adulterated product of cannabidiol, CBD oil is the cornerstone of medical marijuana. It is extracted from CBD-rich cannabis strains using a food-safe oil extraction method. The oils used dissolves the cannabinoid from the marijuana buds producing CBD-rich oil which can be ingested or applied topically on the skin. Cbd Products Wholesale Supplier can help you find the right one for your needs.

To obtain different flavours with different therapeutic effects, carrier oils such as hemp seed oil, olive oil, or sesame oil are used. Apart from its uncountable therapeutic effects, CBD oil does not contain any harmful chemicals such as those present when solvent extraction technique is used. It is also one of the purest CBD products with a high concentration of CBD. The only disadvantage of CBD oil is the short shelf life which necessitates advanced storage methods.


The second commonest product of CBD, a crystalline solidified opaque oil extracted using the butane hash oil based technique. The wax is produced in various forms depending on the texture, moisture and heat levels of the raw products. These types include CBD shatter, CBD live resin, CBD budder, and CBD crumble.

Unlike CBD oil, CBD wax is rarely ingested except for those with edible components. It is ideally dabbed then vaped. This method increases the bioavailability of CBD. The wax can also be applied topically, especially if it contains a carrier solvent. Nanotechnology, encapsulation, and micellization are the latest techniques being employed to enhance absorption of CBD wax ointments through the skin.

CBD Edibles

The diverse varieties of CBD products are best exemplified by CBD edibles. There are hundreds of CBD edibles currently in the market, existing in different formulations, strengths, and flavours. A few examples are CBD cake pops, CBD chocolates, CBD shots, and sweet and sour CBD gummies.

CBD edibles offer a steady and prolonged duration of the therapeutic effects. Additionally, these products offer the discretion most people need on matters concerning their health and medication. Unlike other products, CBD edibles lack the risk of overdose. The inclusion of CBD in the diet has been shown to aid with sleep disturbances and elevate one’s mood.

CBD Pills and Capsules

With a zero THC spectrum and a high CBD or synergistic minor phytocannabinoids concentration, CBD capsules are legal in all US states. The capsules and pills are manufactured from natural non-GMO hemp strains in GMP compliant facilities. CBD capsules offer a relatively controllable dose of CBD since the number of pills ingested may vary depending on the illness being treated. The only disadvantage of these capsules is the slow onset of effects since the capsule coat has to be digested before CBD can be absorbed into the body.

CBD Tincture

Also known as green dragon, this alcoholic extract of CBD has diverse therapeutic applications. It is obtained by subjecting marijuana herbs and buds to high temperatures in a liquid environment made up of alcohol. Apart from CBD itself, the tincture contains other minor cannabinoids such as cannabigerol and cannabinol which have similar effects to CBD. Cannabinoid tinctures have an insignificant concentration of THC, less than 0.03%.

CBD tinctures are designed for small volume administration due to their high CBD concentration. The tincture can be administered via various routes. It can be mixed with foods or drinks. CBD tinctures are commonly administered sublingually in the treatment of epilepsy. Tinctures have a longer storage life when compared to CBD oil since the alcohol in tinctures acts a perfect preservative.

CBD Crystals

With a purity of 98%, CBD crystals are the most refined and purest CBD product currently in the market. The crystals are manufactured using the technologically advanced supercritical CO2 extraction technique. Natural non-GMO plants are used as the source CBD.  The crystals contain zero THC and can be ingested in a variety of ways.

The crystals can be used in CBD edibles, where CBD crystals are dissolved into oils and fats used in cooking and baking. The oil is then used to prepare CBD crystal containing meals. The crystals can also be dabbed and vaped, used to make DIY skincare, oil tinctures or e-liquid.

CBD Water

This is the latest innovation from the ever-expanding marijuana industry. It is not just a mixture of CBD and water but a complex procedure since oil is not soluble in water in water. The procedure involves nano-sizing, encapsulation, and infusion of CBD into neutral pH water.

The water provides an ideal way of CBD administration amongst patients suffering from chronic pain of inflammation and anxiety disorders. Additionally, the water helps with hydration especially for patients under CBD therapy for cancer chemotherapy-induced vomiting. There are several brands of CBD water in the market with CBD living water, CBD fusion water, Canna nano water, and Kind water being the popular ones.Check out Cbd Products Wholesale Supplier In The United States to find the best CBD products for you.