Cannabis Vaping Temperature Guide

Cannabis Vaping Temperature Guide

When starting out vaping, it can be challenging to find the precise temperature for the perfect session

When you ask most beginners about adjusting their vaping experience, they immediately think of different strengths and strains of marijuana. But what also has a significant impact on the final quality of the high produced is the temperature used. The best way to think about it is to consider the proper temperature as key to getting the most out of whatever you’re using. Something that is high in CBD is going to work best at a slightly different temperature range than something lower in CBD and more elevated in THC. The general rule is that higher temperatures foster more intense effects, while moderate temperatures create a much more mellow and smooth experience.

Adjusting temperature is a huge benefit of vaping over smoking, as you’re entirely unable to regulate the temperature when burning it. So in addition to receiving all of the excess chemicals released by combustion, you’re also heating the marijuana way past the optimum ranges, which can lead to deterioration of compounds like THC. We made this article to guide you to the perfect ranges depending on what kind of experience you’re looking for. But if you’re still hunting for the right vaporizer, be sure to check out for a rundown of the best available.

Low Temperatures

If you’re looking for a high that won’t overwhelm you or leave you unable to concentrate on projects, a lower temperature range is recommended. That means anywhere between 310-330 degrees Fahrenheit. At this range, you’re mainly receiving three active ingredients in marijuana, a terpene called pinene that is known to foster concentration, a terpene called caryophyllene known as an anti-inflammatory, and of course the psychoactive favorite, THC. According to some, vaping at this low a temperature doesn’t cause a “high” effect despite the present THC. Instead, they claim that this temperature range is helpful in feeling more alert. But if you’re still looking to feel high while in this lower range, it’s best to go up to 330 degrees.

Mid Temperatures

Anyone looking to relax or simply improve their current mood should aim for a mid-level temperature range, somewhere around 330-370 degrees Fahrenheit. The increased heat causes more of the THC to become released and therefore increases the high feeling. What’s nice about this range is that you get the best of both worlds. The increased temperatures create a more powerful high, but they’re not so high that they stop giving the more mild and subtle benefits like those from CBD. Many advanced vapers claim that around 360-370 is the ideal range for everyday use. The mix of high and relaxation is a big draw, and for most, it offers enough variation to keep people satisfied over time. This range is perfect for hanging out in small groups, or just relaxing at home with a good movie, as it allows you to really feel the effects of the THC, without missing out on the clear-headedness.

High Temperatures

This range is not for the faint of heart. If you’re looking to feel the full euphoric effects of marijuana, or simply need something to help you sleep, higher temp is the way to go. This range typically constitutes anywhere between 370-430 degrees Fahrenheit. At this level of heat, you’re getting more robust substances, such as the terpene linalool, which is known to provide intense anxiety relief, and the cannabinoid THCV, which can provide energy, or even suppress appetite (you heard it right). But you’ve got to be careful, as this is approaching temperatures that will combust cannabis. You may even start to notice a harsher, more smoke-like vapor that bothers the lungs. With specific strains of cannabis, higher temperatures can be the ideal way to get the most out of the product. At these high levels of heat, the produced effects can vary significantly from strain to strain, so be sure to do a little research first.


It’s important to remember that the temperature used has almost as much effect on the high than the strain does. Higher temperatures can foster a much more intense high, but it can also start to burn the material, and will likely destroy some of the more delicate compounds in the marijuana. Ultimately, trial and error is the only way to find your ideal temperature.