Caring for your dogs with CBD

Caring for your dogs with CBD

Have you ever looked into your furry family members eyes as he lies there in pain you don’t know the extent of, and is half the personality he once was?

It can be heart-breaking, you feel helpless and wish they had a voice to tell us what was wrong, but after many vet visits and too many medications, a solution has been introduced. Although not fully tested and stated in medical journals yet, the response to customers and pet owners who have used it has been phenomenal.

Take a minute to look at to know more about the product and its benefits.

What is CBD?

Also known as Cannabidiol is an extract of the Hemp plant, it is also cousin to the marijuana plant, but unlike marijuana does not cause any kind of high.

It is widely popular for its health benefits, the most common being the treatment of epilepsy, and patients and animals alike that used it showed vast improvement and reduction of seizures. In some cases, they stopped completely.

Joint inflammation went down, arthritis was not painful anymore, and businessmen have sworn by it to reduce anxiety before big meetings or speeches. Pet owners who have had many hospital test runs say that nothing worked as effectively or as quickly as when they added CBD into their dogs’ diet.

3 Advantages of Using CBD for your dog.

  • We all know dogs can get stressed, perhaps something traumatic happened at home, they had an accident or its fireworks night, a few drops of CBD oil into their mouth, or on a treat, so they are none the wiser, could do the trick to calming their anxiety.
  • Well-being. Perhaps it’s not being given to dogs who have a specific illness, or ailment to treat, but rather to regulate the hormones in the system and create an overall state of feeling great and being healthy.
  • Pain relief. Recovering from an injury or say a surgery, administering a dose of CBD can help reduce inflammation and treat chronic pain, easing up stiff joints and aid in a quicker recovery.

There are so many more benefits to using CBD which you can read about on this page, and help you get a better understanding of the product and all the positives it brings.


CBD Products and dog-friendly treats.

There is always away, and I’m pretty sure there is a tutorial out there somewhere on YouTube, of making your own CBD treats for your pet, and while this is admirable and for some people fun, we don’t all have time and luxury to be cooking up and creating treats for our dog.

So for the rest of society, treats have been created for us, the work has been done and all we have to do is click and add to basket, hassle-free, stress-free, and more time to spend in the park playing fetch.

Biscuits that have either been soaked with a few drops of CBD oil or given as is, or broken up and mixed in with his dinner is a great way to introduce CBD oil when starting. Soft chews have become popular of late and it’s like giving candy to your pet, but with health benefits.

Brands and companies come up with all sorts of creative ideas and ways to give this oil, especially if getting him to open his mouth and lift his tongue seems a challenge. If it’s something you are interested in and looking at for your dog, then you should go to Holistapet, they specialize in tasty treats for your precious and you can browse the products you think your furball would enjoy.

The treats on the shelves are also available in yummy flavors, steak, pork and one you wouldn’t want to miss, bacon. Whether canine or human, bacon is always a winner. It’s great having so many options so, in the event your dog is not keen on taking the oil as it comes, the different flavor profiles allow you to blend it seamlessly into any dinner dish. Genius.

Try CBD oil after your research, your homework and word of mouth, and if it’s not for you, no harm no foul, but don’t say we didn’t warn you. Be prepared for a lick fest from your dog.