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Why A Dab Pen Is A Must Buy

If you’ve been used to dabbing the old-fashioned way with a dab rig and blow torch, you’re probably wondering why the vaping world hasn’t caught up with the times. Well, now it has. The vaping industry has been making huge strides in advancements over the last few years, and now, if you’re looking for an […]

Puffco Plus: Pure and Practical

Cannabis concentrates are famed for their potency as well as for their purity, they provide users with the perfect balance of THC and CBD. Commonly known as dabs, concentrates are the product of extracting cannabinoids from the actual cannabis plant. The most common extraction method is by using solvents like carbon dioxide or butane which […]

CBD for dogs

As dog owners, we all yearn for the same thing for our beloved pets, for them to be in high spirits and healthy. A lot of people do extraordinary things just to make sure that their furry friends are as comfortable as possible. Whether this means buying an unimaginable amount of toys and treats for […]