CBD Adhesives: A Simple and Seamless Way to Consume Cannabidiol

CBD Adhesives: A Simple and Seamless Way to Consume Cannabidiol

While sublingual CBD oils and tinctures have been popular for years among regular consumers of cannabidiol, several companies have funded research to discover new administration methods that are simpler and more effective for consumers. Given the recent changes in CBD-related legislation in the United States, Canada and –to a lesser extent- Australia, the cannabidiol industry is growing and so is its ability to innovate and come up with new products.

A recent publication by the United States Patent and Trademark Office contains a large amount of evidence proving that transdermal CBD patches can be an effective way for users to receive a regular dosage of cannabidiol directly through the skin. While the CBD industry is still growing, there are already a few companies offering CBD Adhesives in Australia.

CBD Patches: How do they Work?

Cannabidiol patches or transdermal adhesives contain regular doses of CBD (usually around 25 milligrams) and other agents which enhance the bioavailability of the hemp extract. Polar liquid and gelling agents push the cannabidiol from the patch and into the skin, allowing it to easily reach the bloodstream and begin acting in the endocannabinoid system.

While cannabidiol edibles need to go through the entire digestive system before their effects can be perceived, transdermal patches deliver the components of CBD virtually without any obstacle. Sublingual cannabidiol tinctures are praised for their high degrees of bioavailability, with transdermal patches being similarly effective and much easier to use.

To use a CBD adhesive, the first thing you have to do is clean the area with soap and water or rub it with an alcohol-soaked swab. Then, you must remove the protective film and apply the patch inside your wrists, on your biceps, outside your shoulders, under your armpit, on the back of your neck, on your back, inside of the ankle or in any area where you feel muscle soreness, stiffness or pain.

Are CBD Adhesives Legal in Australia?

While cannabidiol-related legislation has advanced slower in Australia than in the United States, Canada and Western Europe, it is now legal to import and use products made from hemp seeds as long as they contain CBD and THC limits below the established national limits.

Transdermal CBD Patches in Australia are nowadays sold by online cannabidiol companies and delivered within 2-5 working days throughout the entire territory of the country. After their application, CBD adhesives are effective for approximately 12 hours, as they deliver their components in a constant way through the skin.

If you want to enjoy the well-known benefits of cannabidiol without the taste of sublingual tinctures or the mess of refillable vaping devices, transdermal CBD patches might be your best choice. Simply apply one of them in the morning and feel naturally calmed and relaxed throughout the rest of the day.