CBD Oil – How Long Does It Stay In Your Body?

CBD Oil – How Long Does It Stay In Your Body?

CBD oil has exploded in popularity for it’s potential health benefits and user feedback. CBD is a compound that comes from the cannabis or hemp plant that’s used commonly to relieve anxiety and inflammation. You can take it in many different forms like oil, edibles, vaping, and even pet’s can take it.

When consuming CBD, your body doesn’t quite absorb everything. If you wanted to absorb all of the CBD you consume it would have to be intravenous. On average only about 35% of CBD will be absorbed. One of the most efficient ways to consume would be by vaping followed by CBD oil drops. Vaped oil absorption rates are still somewhat unknown and difficult to measure.

When you inhale CBD most of the concentrations of the compound reach your blood within several minutes of inhaling it. This is much more efficient than absorbing it through the stomach. In fact, it can take up to 90 minutes to reach peak absorption if you take CBD capsules. That said, CBD capsules from Diamond CBD remain as one of the most popular forms to consume CBD since you don’t have to taste the hemp.

CBD travels through the blood and is process by the liver just like THC.  Also similar to THC, CBD can be stored in your fat cells. It’s mostly excreted through your still a few days after you take it.

So how long does CBD stay in your system? This depends on how often you take it but below is a general reference.

Keep in mind these estimates aren’t medically confirmed and are fairly loose. There are other factors to consider when taking CBD and estimating how long it remains in your system. For example how much you weight, what your daily diet consists of, and more. Your biochemistry will actually determine how your body intakes CBD and processes it. There’s still more research going on about how cannabinoids are processed in the body. Body mass index is another major factor determining the length of CBD storage. If you have more fat then the higher the likelihood of your body storing CBD in this fat. As mentioned earlier, lifestyle also plays a major factor. The healthier you are the higher likelihood your body flushes out CBD.

Most people want to know how long CBD is stored in your system because they have a drug test. Most CBD users report that it doesn’t show up in drug tests but again take precautions. In order for CBD to show up on drug tests you’ll have to consume large amounts of it, much higher than recommended. If you’re worried about THC in your CBD oil then you can consider taking Isolate CBD products rather than Full Spectrum CBD. Isolate CBD is often mixed with MCT oil or coconut oil and only contains Isolated CBD extracted from hemp. Full Spectrum on the other hand has all the terpenes and could consist of elements of THC.