Did Reddit really Banned Sales And Trades Of E-Juice On ECR

Did Reddit really Banned Sales And Trades Of E-Juice On ECR

In recent times, vape juice and e-juice are an integral part of vaping worlwide. Trends in this sphere include personal vaporizers and box mods. Vape juice, e-juice  and e-liquid refer to the same processes and can thus be used interchangeably.

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What is E-juice or vape juice?

This refers to the fluid in personal electronic cigarettes and vaporizers that creates actual vapor. Depending on individual preference it can be administered with or devoid of nicotine.

The e-juice is heated inside the vaporizer between 200 and 400 degrees Fahrenheit. This ultimately  turns into vapor which is inhaled. Vape juice is essentially a concoction of food grade flavoring and water along with vegetable glycerin (VG) or propylene glycol (PG).

Propylene Glycol is used in flavorings to distribute the food grade flavoring and taste uniformly throughout the liquid. Vegetable Glycerin is a thick and sweet liquid which is vegetable based.

E-liquid is available in diverse strengths of nicotine and quite a few users prefer to buy e-liquid without any nicotine. The strength can be selected on the basis of a person`s tolerance. Heavy smokers are inclined to select higher concentrations of nicotine. Lower strength e-liquid can also be acquired. To determine your ideal nicotine strength it is better to experiment.  Visit us at https://herbalizestore.com/ to know more.

Did Reddit really Banned Sales And Trades Of E-Juice On ECR:

Sales and the endorsement of outside sales has been strictly restricted by Reddit on the electronic_cigarette subgroup. This is called a subreddit and is noticeable on all the related Reddit forums. This is a perplexing standpoint as it averts posts that include links to outside websites.

The change is allegedly part of a bigger policy shift in age-restricted products which limit commerce on Reddit. It was most probably prompted by distress over gun trades following the recent episode of Parkland, Florida school carnage. Recent moves in Congress also aim to deal with internet sites accountable for illegal activities as a result of ads on the sites.

How the recent policy updates will have an effect on ECR directly.

A Few Facts:

  • Accessory giveaways and Hardware are permissible under the new policy guidelines.
  • Giveaways for E-liquid are not allowed under similar policy guidelines and also include pod hardware systems comprising juice.
  • Juice vendor sales ads are not permitted on the subreddit and this includes the sacred sale megathreads too.
  • Changes need to be framed within the community giveaway guidelines and the rule set for post removal as a mod team.  This is crucial if the ECR mod team wishes to remain open on Reddit.

This translates to removal of any posts which include giveaways for liquid. Work is underway for updation of the official policies inside the sidebar etc.

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Reviews and suggestions about juice are always welcome. Kindly do not post direct links within the subreddit back to the vendor page.

The subreddit was banned due to a violation of Reddit’s policy against transactions which dealt with forbidden services or goods.

New policies in Reddit announcements subgroup issued by admins of Reddit on age-restricted products:

The latest addition on the existing content policy forbids transactions linked with particular goods and services. Reddit Users cannot facilitate any gift or transaction which deals with goods and services such as:

  • Drugs which include tobacco and alcohol or controlled substances. This does not include advertisements compliant with the company`s advertising policy.
  • Ammunition, Firearms or explosives.
  • Personal information
  • Paid services particularly ones which include bodily sexual contact.
  • Stolen goods.
  • Inaccurate currency, paperwork, forex or official documents.

Reddit does not intend to function as a marketplace and has absolved itself of all responsibility for any transactions individual users might choose to carry out despite this warning. As expected, the announcement has received quick and ubiquitously negative responses. The main thing to consider in this context is that you are after all interacting with strangers on the Internet.

An ECR moderator lestermagneto summarized the sentiments of numerous vapers on Reddit. He stated that they had been model citizens of what reddit can supply and said that the sub is essentially a place of review/advocacy/ education/ safety/fun.