Domain Authority (DA) and Home Page Authority of the domains in the PureTHC Network

When you are building links for your site there are two main criteria you should consider. Acquire links from sites that are on topic and have high domain authority. So for example if you are link building for a CBD site you would look to get links on sites that are related to marijuana. Some of these sites ideally would be directly related to CBD. The other factor to consider is the domain authority (DA) of the site or the page authority where your site is linked from. In simple terms the higher the DA of the site where you get the link from the better it is for your SEO. High DA links are more valuable for link building. We believe a site that has a DA of 15+ and is on topic is a worthwhile link to acquire.

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The table below shows the domain authority and home page authority for the domains in the PureTHC network. Normally the home page has the highest page authority as it has more inbound links than any other page on the site.


Domain Authority Score

Home Page Authority Score 45 47 23 25 24 28 21 24 17 21 37 44 35 38 28 33 35 38 18 26 30 32 23 26 34 36 14 11 13 18 13 19 16 21 5 5