Enjoy the Benefits of CBD Oil but not its Flavor? You are not alone!

Enjoy the Benefits of CBD Oil but not its Flavor? You are not alone!

While scientists and satisfied users from all across the United States agree that CBD tinctures are effective in dealing with a wide range of conditions, the fact is that raw hemp has a ratter bitter and “earthy” taste that is not liked by many. This flavor comes from the natural components of the cannabis plants, including cannabidiol and natural hemp terpenes. While some decide to take CBD oils despite their flavor, you might be among those looking for better-tasting alternatives.

If you have done some research on the different cannabidiol products, you might be aware of those offering the highest degrees of bioavailability. This term refers to the absorption rate a substance has, and the percentage of it that can be effectively absorbed by the body. Vapes are always at the top of the list, as they allow cannabidiol to be absorbed through the lungs and directly into the bloodstream. Sublingual tinctures come next, as the mucous membranes under the tongue are directly connected with the circulatory system and offer virtually no resistance to the absorption of CBD.

Essential Oils: The Perfect Companions for CBD.

Extracted from plants and trees, essential oils have become increasingly popular in the United States and around the world due to their amazing aromas and effectiveness in providing calm and relaxation. Commonly used in massages, these essential oils can also be mixed with CBD tinctures to combine the best of both.

Essential oil-infused CBD products are widely available in the market, with flavors including peppermint, cinnamon, rosemary, grapefruit and more. A common concern among their users is that the effects of CBD might be diminished. This depends entirely on the infusion methods used by different companies, which makes it important to do some research and read the reviews of previous customers.

Once you have found a reliable CBD company offering products infused with essential oils, the only factor you need to consider is choosing the right cannabidiol concentration according to your individual needs.

One particular extract that has been on the rise recently among CBD companies is MCT oil. While this substance is completely tasteless, it can diminish the bitterness of cannabidiol. The main reason for its usage, however, is the fact that it exponentially increases the bioavailability of CBD.

Terpenes: The Natural CBD Flavorings

Among the many different components present in the hemp plant, terpenes are recognized for their wide range of natural flavors. However, not every company has the equipment or knowhow to isolate and select them according to specific profiles. Those that do, however, can produce highly effective CBD tinctures with the best natural flavors.

Within the hemp plant, it is possible to find terpenes that imitate the taste of mint, lemon, blueberries and many other delicious fruits and herbs. Furthermore, each terpene has specific properties that interact with cannabidiol and can improve its effectiveness. For instance, peppermint terpenes can help you calmer and more relaxed in a natural way.

Artificial Flavorings: Cheap and Effective

While some would rather not take any artificial products, certain CBD flavorings are effective in masking the natural taste of hemp without causing any damage to its beneficial components. Nowadays, there are thousands of different artificially-flavored vapes, edibles and CBD tinctures for sale.