Ganja Yoga: Can You Combine Weed and Yoga?

Ganja Yoga: Can You Combine Weed and Yoga?

It must be interesting to know that you can actually combine weed and yoga. Well, it is possible for you to enjoy ganja yoga? This is definitely going to vary from one person to another. Some will claim it is not advisable while others will want to try it and see what happens. Keeping in mind that yoga involves doing some multiple poses, it can definitely be tricky for some high people. Nevertheless, some claim that they always end up having a good time working using marijuana before or even during yoga sessions. You don’t have to use basic marijuana, you can alternate with other products based on it.

Gets you ready for yoga

One thing that many people love about marijuana is the high. The high you get will vary based on the type of strain you smoke. If you use an indica strain, then be sure to be quite high for yoga. You might be dropping all over.

Such yoga needs you to use the less potent kind of weed. This makes you forget about your troubles, calm down further, be relaxed, and definitely ready for yoga. You will be able to go through the various poses with ease as compared to when you were tensed and could do not any pose.

Even if someone notices you are high on weed, you never have to worry as you are having the best yoga ever.

Senses get heightened

Definitely the senses get heightened from the moment you decide to use marijuana for Yoga. As a result of this, it might not be the easiest to tune out the noise and sounds near you. Even a draft of wind might be enough to distract you. Nevertheless, you will be still having a good time doing yoga. A little bit of distraction is not bad at all.

Some have claimed that even heightened senses helped with relieving pressure and go on to have better yoga. In the end, you will be looking to enjoy yoga on another level.

Significant health benefits

Well, it goes without saying that marijuana does come with some good health benefits. You will be able to enjoy the health benefits while at the same time doing yoga that deliver on good workouts. Some of the health benefits that you can enjoy include reduced chronic pain and inflammation, lowering the blood pressure, and further aiding with sleep. As you can see, you will always some good time combining the two.

Since many studies show that marijuana is always going to be good in terms of the health benefits, you should be comfortable when using it.


Can help intensify meditation

Another thing that makes people go for marijuana yoga is the fact that ganja can help intensify meditation. This is especially when you get to use the indica dominant strain. This is because it will be able to relax you deeply that you will always have deep meditation as compared to before.

Marijuana in general is going to make things easier for you. You will be able to reach the new levels of consciousness. If you are looking to meditate for even longer periods, then marijuana is going to be a great option.

Helps engagement with poses

There is no doubt that some people might not have the easiest time when it comes to doing some yoga poses. Well, there is always the option of using marijuana to help you relax and further have deep engagement with the poses. If your body is not relaxed, definitely you will have a problem with the poses.

Just make sure that you do not use the very strong marijuana strains. This is because some strong strains might lead to too relaxed state such as couch lock. That is not what you want.

Always be calm

If it is the first time you are using marijuana combined with yoga, you might want to go slow on marijuana first. People are affected differently when it comes to using marijuana. Use marijuana in small quantities if it is your first time. From there, you will know your tolerance before adding more marijuana to your yoga routine.

As you can see, there is so much you can enjoy when it comes to Ganja Yoga. You will always have a good time doing such each time you have a yoga session. Well, it could also still be another reason for you to smoke marijuana.