Guide To Purchasing Glass Pipes Online

Guide To Purchasing Glass Pipes Online

The smoking culture has been around since time immemorial. Pipes used for smoking have, however, evolved over time since its inception. Influenced by the North American indigenous cultures, pipes have been made out of different materials such as wood, corn cobs and clay just to mention a few.

A couple dozen years later, come the inception of metal pipes. This material presents limitations, especially when it comes to smoking tobacco and other substances. In other words, it heats up rather quickly, which means that the user may have difficulty holding it.

This allowed the ushering in of glass pipes. They’ve remained in favor of millions of smokers worldwide due to the numerous advantages that come with them. For instance, they have been found to add a subtle additional flavor.

They also come in a variety of designs and styles that boasts of intricate details and vibrant colors. In other words, they are a work of art, which is partly responsible for their increasing popularity as well.

Notably, there are different types of glass pipes that smokers can choose from to suit their preferences. From Spoon pipes, Sherlock pipes and the Chilum to Steamrollers and Bubblers, there’s a variety of glass pipes to choose from. Each is different in design, structure and method of use.

Maybe you’re in the market and looking for a suitable glass pipe to suit your needs and preferences, but you don’t know where to start. First things first, we need to tackle the question that every smoker across the American continent has been asking for a while. The question: Should one purchase your glass pipes from an online shop or local smoke shop?

The more common the use of Marijuana use for medical and recreation becomes, the more smoke shops spring up locally and online. Of course, the growth and increase of smoke shop have caused people to wonder where best to purchase glass pipes. The answer is that you want to purchase glass pipes from online headshops.

Below are some of the reasons why purchasing a glass pipe from an online shop is more advantageous.  They include:

  1.    Online headshops offer a wider variety of glass pipes to choose from
  2.    You have a number of payment options
  3.    You get to save money. Online headshops often sell their glass pipes for cheaper

What To Check When You Buy Glass Pipes Online

That said, what does one look for when purchasing a glass pipe online? Below are some of the factors to consider.

The brand: If you are looking to purchase a quality glass pipe, you need to consider its brand. Some new brands have managed to produce quality pipes, while some haven’t. The same thing applies to seasoned brands.

If you’re new at this and have no idea which brands are top manufacturers when it comes to quality, we can help with that. Brands such as Empire Glassworks, American Glass Company, G- Spot, Liberty Glass and Silika Glass are some brands that you should look for. Go the extra mile and carry out your research and ask your friends as well.

   Consider the type of glass the pipe is made out of: Many people overlook this major detail. Different glass pipes are made from different glass types to suit their different uses. Always check the description to see the type of glass the pipe is made out of.

If you are looking for durable glass pipes, look for ones made out of lab- quality glass or borosilicate glass just to name a few. If the pipe does not indicate the type of glass it is made out of, it is most likely less durable.

  1.    Cost: Glass pipes vary in price depending on their durability and quality. Not all expensive pipes are of quality and durable, however. So it’s okay if you purchase one within your budget.
  2.    Pipe Style: The style of pipe you choose will depend on the type of product you will be smoking with it.

Admittedly, there are a lot of scammers online that can sell you cheap imitations of glass pipes. Hence, before purchasing anything from any online headshop, check their customer reviews and ask around about it. If no one’s really ever heard of it, steer clear from it.

Also, always inspect the online product before purchasing it. To be able to tell if it’s a fake glass pipe, look for crooked percolators and check the thickness of the glass. If the welds of the pipe aren’t flush, or if they do not indicate the type of glass used to create it, it’s most likely a fake.

Reputable online head shops are well known since through quality service they’ve managed to create a name for themselves. Genuine online headshops have a transparent return policy and ensure high customer engagement through emails.

How and Where To Buy Glass Pipes Online

Now, you’re probably wondering which online head shops you can buy glass pipes from. There is a number of trusted and reliable online head shops to choose from. They range from DankStop, Smokea, DankGeek and KING’s Pipe to Smoke Cartel, 420 Science and Brothers with Glass.

Such online shops ensure that your privacy is protected regardless of how you made the purchase. Be it through the use of your  Credit Card or debit card, your privacy protection is always a high priority. Of course, there many more online shops to choose from, such as SmokeSmith Gear and TokerSupply.

Choose the online headshop that provides glass pipes that suits your needs and preferences. However, it is important to note that the top leading online shops are Dank Stop, ,DankGeek, KING’s Pipe and Smokea.

In conclusion, shopping online for glass pipes is not as difficult as many make it out to be. Top online headshops ensure high-quality customer service by delivering quality glass pipes of reasonable prices. All you need to do is carry out your own research and shop around before making a purchase.