How Do You Sprout Cannabis Seeds?

How Do You Sprout Cannabis Seeds?

Marijuana plants need very little maintenance, as long as you grow them in the right environment. The best way to start your garden is by getting the right cannabis seeds. You also need to have seedling trays, heating mats, and humidity domes. You can easily get them from grow shops or nurseries. You might also find them at the garden section of large box stores. You should start by germinating your own cannabis seeds.

Germinating involves sprouting your own seeds before you can plant them. They must be fresh and healthy in order to sprout. Apart from that, the storage needs to be cool, dark, and dry so you can store them for a long time.

How to Germinate Them on a Wet Towel

The first method to do it is by arranging the seeds on a wet paper towel. Place the paper towel on a plate, then cover the seeds with another plate. It should look like a dome so hold humidity. Keep them at a warm place and make sure that the towel is moist. Don’t soak it though. The purpose of the moisture is to keep the seeds soft enough to germinate. Within a week, you should be able to see white tails poking through of the open shells. When these tails reach about ¼ an inch, they are ready. You can sow the seeds wherever it is you plan on planting them.

How Do You Pop Old Seeds?

If old seeds are not stored properly, the might be a little harder to germinate. Stratification is one way to germinate such seeds. Stratification is the process of sanding the edges of your seeds lightly so the seeds can have an easier time absorbing moisture. Soak them in distilled water for 12 hours, then use the wet towel method to germinate them.

How to Sow The Seeds Appropriately

If you want to plant your seeds naturally, you must sow them directly into the soil. They need to stay moist and the humidity needs to be high. The temperatures need to be as high as 70 to 80 degrees in order for your seeds to grow. If you are growing older seeds, you can use kelp metal together with water. Kelp metal has natural rooting compounds.

If you plant your seeds wrong, they could become dormant for an extended period. If by any chance they become dormant, you can use cold stratification to revive them. This is the same process seeds go through during winter seasons. They are exposed to a chilling cold before they shoot during spring. You can place your seeds in a cup, then put them in your fridge for about two months. Ensure you keep an eye on them so they don’t start to shoot.

Where to get the right cannabis seeds

Getting cannabis seeds is definitely not easy, Most of the time, when you order them online, you cannot be sure what you will get. Some sources are not that reliable. Besides that, shipping and handling could destroy them and they will give you a hard time to sprout. There are certain places where you can get seeds, such as Sensi seeds. Seeds from Sensi seeds are reliable and you can get all types of seeds you want. Feminized seeds are the best, but thgis depends highly on the strain you need.


Now you know how to germinate your own cannabis seeds. The process is actually easy as long as you follow all the guidelines. Ensure moisture and humidity, as well as high temperatures so your seeds will germinate. These are some of the easiest methods to germinate cannabis seeds.