Introducing Aromatherapy Pens for Vaping

Introducing Aromatherapy Pens for Vaping

When you think about smoking, the first thing that comes to mind is the problems that go with it. Most of the time it is a health issue, and for a good reason. There were a lot of people who died of diseases which were brought by smoking. According to this link, even non-smokers can get affected by these puffs since the dangerous chemicals become more toxic when ignited. You are not just affecting yourself, but other people around you. It becomes a domino effect, and it is too late to stop once it has already begun. With this kind of vice, it is even far more difficult to take away from a person.

This might be the reason why many people find ways in breaking this habit. As you may have seen the effects, you would be scared too and try to stop it. However, taking it away from your body and mind is not an easy feat. You will always find yourself looking for a stick between your fingers, ready to huff and puff as you reach for more. It is an addictive habit with all of that nicotine going directly to your bloodstream. It is said to be akin to a junkie injecting himself directly with the substance. This is why it is very important to stop before it’s too late unless you want to end up in healthcare in just a few years.

However, we do understand that it is hard to just stop. This can rattle someone’s brain and go full routine with whatever they want to be. You will look for it until it starts looking for you. It will never stop until you satiate it or ignore it. The last one is even harder since you are actively ignoring what your body wants and instead turn to your need to survive. Due to the complexity of cutting yourself off from a bad habit, there are people who look for ways to smoke without actually smoking.


Nicotine and Its Effects

E-cigarettes, e-cigs or vaping is a result of one of those problems. It answers the one question that and smokers want to do after getting off of cigarettes. Using this device, it smoothly transitions a person’s life from addiction to growth and development. Totally stopping in using the vice is not really possible if you keep continuing this new type of smoking. However, it can be considered as a better version of actual smoking as there are advantages to using this and that. Read more about it here:

On the other hand, there are also other ways that you can use vape aside from being a cigarette replacement. You may know how vape works, as you just need to put a cartridge or dip a part of the e-cig in flavored substance and then it will create smoke out of that. The manner of putting in the vape juice will depend on what kind of vape you have. The flavors or scents are totally changeable, and you can be as creative as you want with them. More common ones are singularly-flavored like fruits. On the other hand, there are some other concoctions that use desserts for their scents.

Ancient Techniques with a Modern Twist

Using this kind of set-up, you can use aromatherapy with the same style of using the vape juice. Aromatherapy is a common practice of using fragrant oils for medicine. It is usually made from plant extracts, and they can be rather strong in odor. However, this makes them perfect for aromatherapy since the odor or scent is where the good stuff is. You can use it for a lot of diseases like flu and colds as you need to inhale the scent of the oil. In a similar manner to your typical e-cigarette, you can use an aromatherapy pen.

Now, what makes this quite different from your normal vape? Well, most essential oils are thicker than normal vape juice and you cannot use the pure stuff. However, there are other brands that may be able to do it. It is also so much simpler looking than your normal vape. It can be disguised like a pen or pencil. This is also rather convenient since you can take it anywhere now. You don’t have to be at home inhaling these essential oils as you can even take them outside.

Before you get one of these, you need to seek out a doctor and an aromatherapist as well. They can totally help you with your choices and try out some tests to see the one which works for you. Aromatherapy can be quite tricky since you cannot even taste it. You need to follow your sense of scent or feeling before choosing a specific essential oil. Using it every day means that you either really like or you can get used to it. There are a lot of benefits to most essential oils, yet there are others who will exploit it.