Medical Marijuana Blog – An unbiased discussion on all aspects of marijuana.

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Medical Marijuana Clinics – Contact our clinic referral Service: Medical Marijuana Guide 2004 Our dedicated staff is referring doctors appointments in Oregon, Washington, Alaska, Arizona, Colorado, Hawaii, Maine, Nevada and Calif. If you believe you have a qualifying condition? Please call 1-800-851-3761 for a pre-qualification interview – A superb site where you can make huge savings o prescription drugs. – An incredible range of popular pharmaceutical drugs. Drugs include Viagra and Celebrex. When approved, a U.S. physician will write a prescription for you and the product will be shipped direct to your doorstep, immediately and discreetly.

The Compassion Club  – Based in Vancouver, BC, this non-profit organization has been providing marijuana to seriously ill patients since 1996. It is the largest medical marijuana buyers’ club in Canada.

Medical Marijuana  Detailed Information and links to medical marijuana resources.

Institute of Medical Marijuana – All in one site where one can obtain medical marijuana. Wide Range of Medicine. Earn 25% of the sale and 5% of affiliates earnings.

Buy Medical Marijuana – All in one site where one can obtain medical marijuana. – Sacramental Herbs from the Shaman’s shop

Arizona Medical Marijuana Co-Op – We are a Patient/Caregiver Co-Op dedicated to those who find relief for their ailments from this herb. To provide a safe, friendly, supportive and secure environment for patients to receive cannabis for medical purposes only and on prescription from their physicians; We want to work with others who desire compassion for our medicinal cannabis users so we can grow from one small club. It begins one family at a time and one club at a time…

CALM – Cannabis As Living Medicine – New Medicinal Club in Toronto Ontario

Green Cross Patient Co-op – based in Seattle, Washington

Holy Smoke Culture Shop – Mainly a retail store but very activist oriented. Also have a small cannabis compassion club. A cafe is under construction. Located in Nelson, B.C.


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