Legalization of Marijuana – Find out what people really think about the legalization of marijuana.

Marijuana Legalization – Detailed Information regarding the legalization of marijuana.

Flex Your Rights – Learn how to protect your constitutional rights during a police encounter. 

Common Sense for Drug Policy  – A non-profit organization dedicated to expanding discussion on drug policy by raising questions about existing law and educating the public about alternatives to current policies. We provide advice and assistance to organizations working to reform current policies. We facilitate coalition-building and educate the public by disseminating research, hosting public forums and informing members of the media. We provide pro bono legal assistance to those adversely affected by current drug policy. 

Bruce M. Margolin, Attorney at Law – Get the answers you need. Get active. 1999 Criminal Defence Attorney of the Year. Over 30 years experience. Director of Los Angeles NORML.

Canadian Grow Room Search Tips – How to get busted in one very succinct article. The Candians are doing us execution style in education if that’s the way cops can write up there. 

Drug Law Library – Online drug law library: marijuana, MDMA, GHB, LSD, DMT.

Find a Lawyer – A list of attorneys from the NORML website. 

Get Busted? – The owner of this site has successfully defended a number of marijuana cultivation and smuggling suspects and has a lot to say about the legal system. 

Legal Information page for people busted & solicitors – New legal section for solicitors & people busted, info on what to do & how to get an expert witness for court, also info on how the UK courts have dealt with drugs cases in the past.

Marijuana Medical – Your Complete Bootleg Bud Bible – Free Big Bud Calendar. Want to make a million every year!!! Learn to grow & harvest 400lbs. Richard Maughs is one of the finest growers in the world. He has lived in the mountains every summer for the past 26 yrs. He became a legend in Calif, slipping through the fingers of the law. He reveals every trick in this text. Applications, forms to get back your smoke “Judges Order” Plus we have our very own bail-bondsman. She will spring ya anywhere in the USA. No bust if you apply everything. – About the medical uses of marijuana. – Detailed Information regarding the legalization of marijuana.


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