Marijuana Regional/Germany – – Hanf-Journal Biggest Hempmagazine all over Europe costfree magazine, with 100.000 copys per month, Distribution in Head & Growshops in Germany, Austria and .

Drug Policy Alliance: Germany – More than 90 percent of marijuana-related cases in Germany where criminal prosecution was initiated but later suspended involved marijuana in quantities of news – marijuana. Germany is following the same path as the Netherlands, where marijuana products are available in shops and restaurants. 

Green Party Wants to Legalize the Green | Current Affairs
Deutsche Welle: Germany’s Green Party is making the legalization
of marijuana part of their campaign platform this year. But the

Negative Space: Prohibition, Law Reform, Germany
… Parent Directory – More general information Associated Press 3k German Courts and Marijuana 2k Germany and Marijuana 2k Guardian on German Court 2k New York .

NORML Working to Reform Marijuana Laws / News Archive / 2003 / …
… Hanover, Germany: The efficacy of delta-9-tetrahydrocannabinol (THC), the primary psychoactive ingredient in marijuana, is sufficient enough to warrant its


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