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Medical Marijuana Blog – Find out the truth about medical marijuana.

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Practical resource of scientific information relating to marijuana as an effective medicine.

Marijuana Research: A Pollak Library Research Guide
… Marijuana Abuse: Research Report (2002) HTML | PDF-8 pages; RAND Study Casts Doubt on Claims That Marijuana Acts as “Gateway” to the Use of Cocaine and Heroin. 

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Marijuana Research Reviews. Marijuana Research Review, February 1998, Drug Watch Oregon. … Marijuana Research Review, September 1997, Drug Watch Oregon. US Ignoring Marijuana Research
US Ignoring Marijuana Research. Posted by CN Staff on September 15, 2002 at 17:20:36 PT By Bruce Mirken Source: Sun News medical Early in the morning of Sept. 

Alliance for Cannabis Therapeutics – information about medical uses of marijuana, clinical studies, reform efforts

Peter McWilliams – an AIDS patient seeking court permission to use marijuana medicinally. – Hello, my name is Eric Young, I am 39 years old, and I have multiple sclerosis. I was granted an exemption to use marijuana in Canada in March 2000. My wife/caregiver, Marlene, was also granted an exemption. Upon applying for an exemption, our life would never be the same. The federal government makes believe that it is easy to legally access marijuana, but the reality is that Health Canada is creating many obstacles to prevent ill Canadians from accessing cannabis for medicine. 

Congestive heart failure – informative source for heart health, heart attack symptoms, heart attack prevention tips and heart health advice for people of all age. Healthy food guide.


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