Millennials and CBD: How the Cannabidiol Industry is Adapting to a new Generation

Millennials and CBD: How the Cannabidiol Industry is Adapting to a new Generation

The recent legislative changes regulating the sale and consumption of CBD products across the United States has come at a time when a new generation of young individuals is taking over every industry. Millennials are characterized by their innovative spirit and their increasing demand for trendy and hand-crafted CBD products.

The CBD industry is certainly not an exception for this generational change. A good example of this is the fact that most cannabidiol products are not sold in traditional dispensaries, but rather through online channels offering door-to-door delivery. However, the products themselves are also subject to constant change, with innovation being a key factor for the success of any CBD company.

NovaBlis: A young and fresh approach to CBD

Revolutionizing the CBD industry in the United States, NovaBlis has arrived in the market offering not only the traditional CBD tinctures, sublingual oils and vapes, but also cannabidiol lollipops and other innovative products.

NovaBlis’ approach to the CBD business has quality and innovation as the main priorities. All their products are handmade, and the company has full control over the entire manufacturing process. NovaBlis’ team grows the hemp plants under controlled conditions and in organic farms within the United States. Their extraction methods do not involve the use of chemicals or artificial ingredients, and only the strains with the bet cannabidiol and terpene profiles are included in the final product.

While their CBD tinctures are still greatly popular, any customers are experiencing the benefits of cannabidiol without the bitter taste of hemp oils through their lollipops. While it might seem strange at the beginning, CBD lollipops are more effective than traditional edibles, as they are absorbed in a similar way than sublingual oils. All the beneficial properties of hemp travel to the bloodstream through the mucous membranes under the tongue rather than having to pass through the entire digestive system.

Simplicity and Effectiveness

Those days when products had lists with hundreds of different ingredients seem to be coming to an end, at least when talking about the CBD industry. Newer generations are now prioritizing the natural origins or their products, purchasing CBD extracts which do not contain chemicals or artificial flavorings. Companies must therefore make natural production methods a priority and include only those ingredients which are essential for a product to be effective.

NovaBlis can be considered one of the success stories of natural CBD. The company is renowned by its customers for its transparency and natural approach to the industry. Their team of scientists, marketers and developers have made this brand an example of a CBD company where effectiveness and simplicity are guaranteed.

However, keeping things simple is not an easy task in the CBD industry. With a growing demand of flavored CBD products, the temptation of using artificial ingredients is high. However, the best cannabidiol companies have managed to imitate the taste of tropical fruits and other delicious treats using only the terpenes which are naturally found in the different strains of the hemp plant.