Puffco Plus: Pure and Practical

Puffco Plus: Pure and Practical

Cannabis concentrates are famed for their potency as well as for their purity, they provide users with the perfect balance of THC and CBD. Commonly known as dabs, concentrates are the product of extracting cannabinoids from the actual cannabis plant. The most common extraction method is by using solvents like carbon dioxide or butane which produces a waxy and oily substance usually dubbed as ear wax, shatter, or budder – some of the most common forms of cannabis concentrates.

While the nature and history of cannabis concentrates is somewhat unclear, the current dabs we have today are certainly the best as far as strains and breed are concerned. The extraction methods available to us range from homemade techniques to advanced and cutting-edge procedures performed in botanical laboratories. A wide preference sprung from alcohol and solvent based extraction methods to the all-natural, non-synthetic, non-toxic procedures allow concentrate consumers to enjoy THC and CBD in its purest, unadulterated form. Because of the variety of concentrated cannabis products made available to both casual and medicating users, concentrates are now considered as one of the most consumed cannabis products with the exception of the actual plant matter.

Users have then constantly in search for an easy and effective means of consuming cannabis concentrates, those who began dabbing early found solace in dab rigs, a complex paraphernalia which requires either the use of a butane-powered blow torch or an electric nail plugged to a wall socket – both would seem a daunting task for new concentrate consumers and dab beginners. Those who recently began their journey might have found the perfect tool in wax pen vaporizers. These dab pens are torch-less and convenient and would probably be one of the most efficient means of concentrate consumption. They’re easy to carry and are extremely portable, they’re available to almost anyone and they cost way less than what you’d expect as compared to building your own rig. While wax pen vaporizers could probably well be the consummate concentrate vaporizer, it’s not in any way perfect. Well, at least not until Puffco came to be.

Puffco is a company based in Los Angeles, California. Headed by Roger Voladarsky, its founder, and CEO. Roger believed that the current standard in dab pens are simply not up to par. He then began bringing together the best technology, design, and engineering could offer and made the perfect platform for concentrate consumption.

Puffco Is Pure

Puffco vaporizers are made with purity in mind, they are manufactured without using glues which holds the traditional wax pen vaporizers together. Synthetic glues may produce toxic by-products and may chemically react to heat which could pose health risks once it mixes with the vapors. Puffco aimed to revolutionize concentrate consumption by doing away with fibrous wicks that are known for giving an awful taste, especially when overused. Their flagship device, the Puffco Plus Vaporizer features coil-less ceramic atomizers which effectively and efficiently vaporizes wax concentrates down to the last bit.

Ceramic Bowls

The Puffco Plus features a unique pressure-sealed bowl made from ceramic that uniformly heats concentrates through a non-contact heating method. This ensures that your concentrates are heated without reaching the point of combustion and since they don’t come into contact with any other component they remain unspoiled and perfect allowing you to enjoy its unique flavor notes and its distinct aromas, faithfully preserved by the ceramic bowl. In addition, ceramic is both inert and porous in nature so the bowl itself won’t affect the purity of your concentrates, instead, its microscopic crevices allow the concentrates to permeate the bowl. A low and slow burn makes for an ideal environment for both the ceramic bowl and the concentrates giving you flavorful hits that are easy on both the lungs and the throat.

The Puffco Plus is designed not only to be the ideal vaporizer for recreational users who enjoy using high THC concentrates for its psychoactive upshots but it’s also perfect for medicating patients who require only the best vaporizer for their most demanding needs.

Premium Heat Settings

Temperature is one of the key factors to the success of vaporizers, by keeping the temperature below the point of combustion, vaporizers are able to generate clean gaseous emissions that carry the pure essence of your select cannabis concentrates.

The Puffco Plus Vaporizer is equipped with three fine-tuned heat settings for all your concentrate needs. You can play around using the lowest for tasty and thin wisps of clouds or you can go for denser vapors using its highest temperature profile. The higher the setting the more intense the upshot is. It also includes an exclusive sesh-mode where the Puffco Plus will fire for 12 seconds giving you continuous vapors without having to hold the power button. This works best for group sessions making vaping with the Puffco Plus a shareable experience.

Built-In Loading Tool

The Puffco Plus wax pen vaporizer is perfect for people who need to vape on their feet. Instead of having to carry and bring along a separate loading tool, the Puffco Plus lets you pick your sticky concentrates though an integrated loading tool found tight below the mouthpiece. Dubbed as the dart, this dab tool is made out of the same high-quality ceramic material used in the heating chamber. Apart from functioning as a loading tool, the dart also acts as a unique air path creating a vortex-like environment so the vapors can move in a manner that allows it to cool down to provide you with smoother and milkier hits.

Superior Finish

All these top-notch features are housed in a precision machined alloy body which shelters the Puffco Plus vaporizer from the effects of daily wear and tear.

The Puffco Plus proves to be a truly practical vaporizer that’s why it’s one of the most recommended vaporizers for both beginners and experienced users alike. It’s easy to find Puffco Vapes For Sale but make sure you find a reputable seller and beware of Puffco counterfeits.

Enjoy pure and satisfying vapors from the best vaporizer for your THC and CBD concentrates.