Taking a look at the Canadian Cannabis Dispensaries

Taking a look at the Canadian Cannabis Dispensaries

Have you ever been to a marijuana selling store? The first thing people think when you ask them this question is a blank shop with a counter being served by someone with dreadlocks, how naïve. And it couldn’t be further from the truth.

Chic designed shops with a well laid out floor of products, shelves on the walls with lines of jars and packets and boxes filled with goodies for you to purchase. Colorful packaging filled with yummy edibles, glass containers with cannabis lollipops, yes you heard that right, lollipops, and plates of samples on the counter spaces.

If you had any experimental phase in your youth then at some point you must have had a bite of a weed brownie, that gooey delicious chocolate filled squares that have you floating and smiling around the place like you’re in someone else’s body. Fun times. For a special recipe, why not try this https://greatist.com/eat/weed-brownies-how-to-make-them and enjoy.

Or someone’s mom who is open-minded to the whole situation making a double batch of choc chip cookies where the batter has chunks of green herbs mixed throughout, and your mates beg to move in with you on movie night round yours.

These are the days we had in our earlier years, trying new things, open to novelties, and so why not tick that off your bucket list while you still have the life you want to live.

Types of cannabis edibles.

The same goes for shopping in a regular grocery store as it does when looking for a variety of products containing marijuana. There are many forms and versions available suited to the way you prefer to ‘take it,’ and more evolving every day by enthusiastic chefs and home cooks.

For me when I first started my research I was pleasantly surprised to see the mix of options available. Edibles are essentially food items and products that have been infused with the weed extract in some form. Candies, gummies, and chocolates proving to be the more popular choices, but as baked goods become a trend the recipes are soon being copied.

While 90% of the products are leaning towards the sugar end of the stick, there has been a success in the savory department with beef jerky infused with cannabis coming into play, whilst still maintaining the beef element in the flavor.

Excited and wondering where to get these lovely products, then check out the dispensary High THC for a small-or big-dose of the green herb to make you fly. We only live once am I right?

If you are just starting your weed journey, many regulars have advised beginning with gummies or bars as they are less ‘scary’ and intimidating. The brownies and bars tend to be more potent, and I interestingly read an article on a woman making her version of a waffle cake infusing the herb into the syrup the wafers were soaked in. Yes, please.

Canadian Cannabis Dispensaries

3 Benefits of trying cannabis.

  • This is a disease whereby the eye and vision deteriorate and ultimately end in blindness. Research has shown that cannabinoids in marijuana relieve the pressure on the eye which is a contributing factor in glaucoma thus reducing the risks associated with it.
  • You’re up all night tossing and turning praying for your mind and body to exhaust itself so you drift off into a much-needed session of rest. Many people have commented that having a few puffs of a joint a little while before bed helped them relax and clear their mental state, enabling them to have a good night’s rest.
  • Skin conditions. When associated pain and inflammation occurs, the surrounding skin is often irritated and inflamed. By the Cannabis treating the inflammation within the body including the pain, the skin is no longer affected or the consequence of a deeper-lying issue. Say goodbye to dry, red, cracked skin.

So many opinions and comments surround this topic, for an interesting read, see this blog and the discussion forum with people’s advice, success stories, and opinions, good or bad.

Not everyone is going to agree, and that’s fine, they don’t have to. If you are into trying new experiences then live your life how you see fit. Enjoy it, eat those brownies and make a batch for the neighbors.