Teenage patient uses Cannabinoid Treatment to treat Leukemia & Excellent Results were Recorder

Teenage patient uses Cannabinoid Treatment to treat Leukemia & Excellent Results were Recorder

Cannabis that is taken orally in the form of ‘Hemp oil’ is considered to be a better option for cancer treatment according to a study done some time back.

A female teenage patient was diagnosed with acute lymphoblastic leukemia with a Philadelphia chromosome mutation. This specific mutation is a much more antagonistic and catastrophic case of Leukemia. The female patient underwent several bone marrow transplants and treatments of acute chemotherapy. The case study done later on proved that none of the standard treatments worked for her and this led the family members to look for other suitable alternatives. After some time of research, they settled for Cannabinoids treatment that would be administered orally in the form of hemp oil.

The Toronto Doctors MD and Chamandeep Bali, Yadvinder Singh, HD went ahead and gave a detailed and effective treatment procedure for the girl.

The patient’s health condition gradually improved in terms of her blast cell counts; these are the immature cells within the bone marrow that never end up maturing. This condition leads to serious problems with blood cell counts and results in various types of blood cancers such as Leukemia.

Even though the teenage patient passed away eventually, it was as a result of the initial treatment of chemotherapy done to her which had detrimental and toxic effects on her state of health.

Oncology/Hematology at SickKids Hospital later reported that at admission, the patient’s total white blood cells was 1.3, Hemoglobin was  81, and the platelets were approximately  8000.Apparently, she was Neutropenic, as a precedent history of Pancolitis authenticated by a CT Scan in March 2009. The patient’s abdomen had expanded, stretched and had some signs of diffuse peritonitis. An abdomen x-ray was done on her but she passed away on that very day at 1005 o’clock.

The Cannabinoids treatment administered did not have any vital effects on the patient apart from some psychosomatic properties resulting from the use of the hemp oil. Nevertheless, the patient’s health state improved drastically and her blast cell counts were controlled.

In conclusion, phase clinical trials and detailed discussions and research need to be applied to determine the benefits of therapies of this kind. Laboratory analysis is essential when it comes to figuring out the profiles/constituents/ratios of the many cannabis strains that show properties for exerting possible anticancer effects.

This authenticated study contributes to the fact that clinical trials and a series of discussions have to be incorporated into researching the advantages of marijuana as a cancer treatment method that deserves recognition.  The evidence clearly depicts that the currently used treatment methods are not effective and are very toxic since they have harmful effects on a patient’s health. As a result of this, people should consider using Cannabinoid treatment as a better alternative for treatment of Leukemia among many others cancers.