Top 5 High-Yielding Marijuana Strains to Start Growing Today

Top 5 High-Yielding Marijuana Strains to Start Growing Today

When it comes to cultivating cannabis, all growers want strains that can be potent and still give them the best in terms of high yields. Another of things go into determining if the strain will be good for the best yields or not. Learn Sativa College Weed School can fill you up with all information you need.You need to find the marijuana strain with the best genes so as to have some good yields in the end. Other thing that might affect the yields include nutrients, grow mediums, the climate, and more.

So, what are some of the best options when it comes to high yielding strains? Let us check them out below.

White Widow

This is a famous hybrid strain that has been around for a while. It can be traced to Amsterdam but right now it is famous worldwide. People are growing white widow for its impressive resin product and also the powerful euphoria you get with it. Consumers will definitely celebrate such a strain, but the growers will even love it more.

The white widow is known for being a heavy yielder. Any grower is going to love it for the amount of yield they get in return. The white widow is also known to be resilient towards pests and mold. As for the flowering, it takes just nine weeks. It should then be perfect for most growers.

Cheese quake

This is another good strain to enjoy growing in your garden. It does come with the best high yields to ensure you never have to worry about low yields in the near future. It is an indica-dominant hybrid. This makes it good on overall when it comes to giving you the best cerebral and physical effects. You will love its aroma also. It will give you the best cheese aroma with a bit of fruit undertones.

As much as you can easily grow it indoors, it is worth noting that it can grow fast and big. So, make sure to give it a bit of space to grow better. Since it tends to get bushy, a bit of pruning is not bad to ensure that it looks good and still gives you the best yield in the end.

Purple Trainwreck

Another strain you have to keep in mind should the purple trainwreck also. It does come with the best in terms of high yields and also ease of growing. The strain is a hybrid that is all about good yields and also nice aroma. You will further love the euphoric and uplifting high that you get with the strain. This makes it perfect for the entry-level consumers. With its mellow experience, beginners will definitely love it.

The best part is that the strain can thrive indoors or outdoors. This makes it versatile for various places. To crown it all, you will find that it will flower in just 8 weeks. This is good news for those looking to have a good time with proper harvesting of cannabis in a short time.

Critical Kush

This stain is as a result of breeding OG Kush and Critical Mass. As you can see, these two are legendary strains already, so you can expect critical kush to be even better. Critical mass is good for the sweet citrus flavor and then the OG Kush will bring the earthy flavors and more potency. You will also love that the strain can also deliver on the best high yields. This ensures you never have to worry about the best yields at the end of the season.

You have to keep in mind the moisture and humidity where you grow this strain. Learn Sativa College Weed School can teach how to take care properly of this strain. This is because it can easily be affected. It is therefore recommended that you grow in a greenhouse where you can easily control the conditions.

Blue Dream

Another top marijuana strain to love growing should be the blue dream. It is a popular strain in America and you might have already used it if you are from there. The strain is a hybrid and it is known for its impressive high-yielding performance. It is further mildew resistant and also flavorful. The strain is also characterized for having a mellow euphoria. This should then make it great for the beginners.

The strain is normally grown outdoors. It is also good when it comes to responding to Mediterranean climate. It should then be the best for you to consider growing this time.