Top Weirdest Cannabis Mutations Common Today

Top Weirdest Cannabis Mutations Common Today

It is common to find people growing some weird marijuana strains. Most of them are as a result of mutations into something weird and better. A number of such weird cannabis mutations exist right now. There is the need to learn more about such strains as you might find yourself developing a liking for some. Find the best strains from Gorilla Cannabis Seeds

Whorled phyllotaxy

This is a common mutation of cannabis that you can find right now. It will cause having three leaves growing the nodes rather than having two as normal. With the additional leaf for every node, you will find that the plant can grow extra bushy easily.

It is possible that you will love the extra bushiness and also some good yields in some cases. Well, not all breeders love it as the trait often disappears with time.

Ducksfoot Cannabis

From the name of the mutation, then you can picture how the mutation looks like. The mutation is characterized by having wide and webbed leaves. The leaves do resemble a foot of a duck. It is common for people even not to notice that it is a cannabis plant because of the leaf look. Even the smell and overall appearance can be quite deceptive.

For many breeders, the presence of leaf webbing is considered as a good mutation. This is because it can easily develop into a true-breeding strains. You can find it possible to disguise it as another crop.


The creeper mutation is another strange mutation you can get among the tropical strains. This is where the marijuana plant grows heavier at the branches and as a result, they tend to bow so as to touch the ground. The branches will then start to grow along the respective ground. Some might even start forming new root sites where they are touching the ground.

It is quite a good mutation as it is possible for you to disguise it as a different plant. It also delivers on having extra vigor thanks to the extra rooting from the branches. It is not that common so you might be lucky to see one.

Australian Bastard Marijuana Mutation

This is still a rare mutation that is commonly found in Sydney, Australia. Though reports of having more of the mutations have been less common. The mutation will make the cannabis plant to grow like a herb. Another thing is that the leaves do not become serrated. The leaves are always smooth and also shiny which is not something common with the marijuana plants.

Since there are no many breeding programs for this kind of mutation, then you can find it being good generally. With less or no strains being available for commercial purposes, this has made it hard for people to access it.

Vine-like marijuana

This kind of cannabis was as a result of breeding the ABC genetics with other strains to create a new strain. The breeders noticed that it was able to deliver on vine-like characteristics. This is where the plant would form stems which would wrap around to form a spiral pattern.

This mutation is also quite rare, so do not expect to find it around. The rarity and its unusual appearance often make more people want to get it for themselves. With no commercial strains available, it might take some time before people can access it.

Leaf buds

The mutation does offer some unusual but still interesting look to having it. The appearance is quite different from what you get with the other marijuana plants. The extra bud sites definitely make it possible for you to feel like it is a nice option to consider getting right now for yourself. Well, it will take some searching as there no commercial strains with such mutations.


This is still another weird mutation that you can learn about today. This is where the individual plants are able to have cell division malfunction while in development. This can also be induced when growing plants are treated with the powerful colchicine.

This mutation is considered as being good. This is because it is able to deliver on high THC level in the marijuana plant. Also, it leads to having larger plants which means larger buds also. This should be a good mutation to lead to having more yields. Most people donțt know that they can buy marijuana seeds with bitcon. If you want to learn more about this read Gorilla Seeds Bitcoin