Using CBD: Is there an age limit?

Using CBD: Is there an age limit?

Studies are being conducted from time to time to establish whether the use of CBD and allied products in as a form of treatment is acceptable. Some of these studies have already shown that CBD can be used to manage both childhood conditions and late-onset disorders experienced by the senior members of the society.

In this article, we will try to find out why many people want to try CBD products and whether there is really an age limit on CBD use.

Who uses CBD

There are multiple reasons why people, old and young, would wish to try CBD.

A certain recent study reports great beneficial effects of CBD, especially when used to treat Dravet syndrome, an unusual but an adverse epileptic condition which affects infants. Studies such as these shows why guardians of young kids would wish to try CBD. Furthermore, this triggers the question of whether it is healthy and safe for young children to use CBD. Following up on this heated debate, a recent trial which tried to establish the safe dosing ranges for CBD, confirmed that the compound was well tolerated even in young kids.

Just as infants are enjoying the therapeutic benefits of CBD, likewise, there is equally the rise in demand for the compound from elderly individuals. As you might be aware, individuals in the sunrise stages of life, usually suffer from chronic conditions and other late-onset illnesses. Quite a few studies have shown that some of these conditions associated with the elderly can also be treated via the use of CBD.

How should you take CBD?

Are you concerned about the side effects of CBD on the elderly and Children? Then the best thing is that CBD supplements come in both high and low doses, to suit different classes of people. For instance, there are high doses of CBD of up to 1500mg taken daily and are confirmed to be tolerable by humans. CBD is harmless and is unlikely to affect the body temperature, blood pressure, or heart rate. Neither does it affect psychomotor or gastrointestinal and psychological functions.

There is a wide choice of CBD products available in the market, and this is a good thing for people with different lifestyles and body-types, or people falling under different age categories. It is advisable for all people, regardless of their age, to always begin with low concentration and doses of CBD, and then increase slowly to optimum amounts with time. Remember, in the cases of the elderly and children, personal reactions must be documented and responded to accordingly.

So, can all ages access CBD?

Industrial hemp plants are permissible in most countries. They are used to make an array of products for a range of industries: from car manufacturers to construction, as well as skincare and beauty products. CBD derived from hemp, available in food markets, health stores, and online shops do not have either lower or upper age limit. Meaning, both the deserving elderly and minors can use these products.

The legal discussion, surrounding the CBD products is, however, very annoying. Theoretically, CBD is accessible to people of all ages. On the other hand, the uncertainty of the legal issues surrounding this topic means that access to the CBD products can be tricky. Some years back, many states and countries controlled the intake of CBD supplements, just because it fell under the same grouping as THC and cannabis. Currently, laws are being restructured with CBD-only regulations that help interested parties access products which are sourced strictly from hemp.


The many forms that CBD comes in means that, different supplements will fascinate people of different age. This provides a wide choice for the users. That said, anyone who is uncertain about using CBD for medicinal purposes, should get some guidance from a medical specialist. The specialists are better positioned to counsel you on the best dosage and product type that suits your ailment.

Also, to make sure you are well informed about the laws regarding CBD access on where you reside, it is advisable to contact your local police department or government officer for the most recent information. As you might be aware, these laws keep on changing; and unfortunately, these regular changes sometimes do come with some ambiguities.