What are the most effective ways to take CBD oil?

What are the most effective ways to take CBD oil?

Over the last few years, CBD products have invaded the market in an implausible way. Besides being a safe, natural alternative to pharmaceuticals, CBD has numerous other therapeutic benefits. What’s more; CBD is not psychoactive like its counterpart THC thus, doesn’t give an intoxicating feeling to its users.

Health benefits of using CBD oil

  • CBD is handy in managing symptoms of depression and anxiety, as well as other psychological conditions such as energy fluctuations, mood swings etc.
  • CBD oils have shown to control seizures, especially in epileptic patients
  • CBD oil is handy in minimizing symptoms of cancer
  • CBD oil contains analgesic and anti-inflammatory effects, making it ideal for pain management
  • CBD oil is known to control the severe symptoms of Alzheimer’s disease.
  • CBD oil is also known to provide soothing effects
  • It is used to treat neurodegenerative diseases
  • CBD oil rejuvenates skin cells, and as a result, best for blemishes and acne.

Different ways to consume CBD oil

With the many products on the market, it is vital to do your research and find out the most ideal way to consume CBD oil.

1. Place it under your tongue (Sublingual method)

This is perhaps one of the most popular ways of taking CBD oil. By putting 2-3 drops under your tongue and retaining it there for a few seconds, the CBD oil will be absorbed via your sublingual tissues and quickly, reach your bloodstream.

This method is perfect when you need fast-acting effects. For instance, if you are treating anxiety, pain or some other irritating disorders and you need fast relief.

2. Swallow it (Ingest orally) 

Another popular method of taking CBD oil is by swallowing. Once you ingest CBD oil orally, it will go through your digestive tract before being processed by the liver and ultimately reaching your bloodstream. However, CBD oil can have a relatively nasty taste. That is the reason why some consumers prefer to mix theirs with a variety of edibles or beverages, although this can dampen or delay the effects.

That said; a key drawback of ingesting CBD orally is that it is not the most reliable method. In short, not all the essential ingredients may reach your bloodstream due to the overwhelming journey through your digestive system.

While the effects of this method may take some time to be felt, they will normally last in your system for quite a few hours. This makes ingestion an ideal option for people using CBD oil to manage low-level pain or sleeping problems.

3. Rub it on your skin (Topical)

CBD oil can also be applied topically inform of salves and balms. Usually, this entails rubbing it evenly into your skin and giving it time to be absorbed via your pores. However, effects of this method can take quite some time to be felt thus, you may need to reapply the oil on a frequent basis for the effects to be constant.

Topical method is ideal to treat localized injury or pain, such as cuts, aches, and sore joints or muscles. For instance, people suffering from arthritis usually prefer to apply CBD oil on their affected joints. This method is also effective for those treating skin conditions.

4. Inhalation or vaporization method

CBD e liquid, commonly referred to as vapes are quite a powerful and convenient method to consume CBD oil. The inhalation of CBD oil proves to be a calming process as the vape heats the oil just enough to generate quick results. In fact, the effects are felt almost immediately since the lungs provide a large absorption area for the CBD.

All said and done, the best thing with vaporization is that you can tailor your vape flavor and intensity to go with your preferences.


The most ideal way to consume CBD oil ultimately comes down to individual preferences and experience. It would thus, be advisable to try out different methods of consumption in order to know the preparation which works perfectly for you.

Most notably, it also depends on what you wish to use CBD oil for. CBD balms and salves are perfect for skin irritations and stiff and sore muscles. On the other hand, for internal health problems, an oral delivery method would be ideal.