What, how, and why answers for Medical Marijuana tinctures

What, how, and why answers for Medical Marijuana tinctures

What, how, and why answers for Medical Marijuana tinctures

The demand for cannabis tinctures has rapidly grown since the landmark legalization of marijuana by 23 states in the U.S. To learn more about it, we recommend you to watch videos about the legalization of marijuana to have a better picture of this process and more.

Tinctures are not a modern idea for it has been the method used in ages past for extracting the potent components of a plant. In the case of cannabis, tinctures are one of the finest methods to deliver the right dose to patients, young and old alike.

However, tinctures are the least popular method of consuming cannabis. It is because they do not possess the dramatic flair of smoking marijuana or the pure delight of consuming cannabis-rich edibles.

Be that as it may, what really is a cannabis tincture?

What is cannabis tincture all about?

Between the years of 1837 to 1937, medical marijuana used to be the wonder drug and cure-all. Before marijuana was considered a dangerous drug in the United States, cannabis tincture was an active ingredient in most common drugs to alleviate headaches, menstrual cramps, skinned knees, and sore muscles. People of all ages and gender received much-needed relief from acute medical conditions because of the cannabis tinctures incorporated in their medications.

During pre-cannabis ban, every American from all walks of life, rich or poor had marijuana sativa in their medicine cabinets. People during that era were all aware and familiar with the term “cannabis”.

Cannabis was only banned due to the false media hype that was blown out of proportion. Trolling was alive and well even during that dark period in the history of cannabis. Fortunately, people have seen the light, leading to the legalization of both recreational and medical marijuana and started using Vitality Health CBD. The legalization has been slow and sometimes frustrating, but the steps towards lifting the total ban are sure.

How do you make DIY cannabis tincture?

Facilities process the cannabis tincture by using an extraction of nearly or full alcohol to soak either a whole cannabis flower (more preferred) or a leaf trim. In this age of DIY, people have been known to use a glass jar and a dark place to soak everything up.

Everclear, a wood grain alcohol is the popular extraction solution used for these DIY brewing of cannabis tinctures. The only downside to this method is because most states consider wood grain alcohol illegal.

This has made people resort to soaking the cannabis in Bacardi 151 rum which is not recommended.

If you’re a DIY warrior and cultivating marijuana is allowed in your state, here are the methods to use to homebrew your own cannabis tincture:

  • Always remember that the cannabis leaf trim or flower bud is dried correctly and thoroughly
  • Ground the dried bud or leaf before placing them in a canning jar
  • The correct dosage is 35 ml fluid ounce of alcohol to 1-6 grams of cannabis bud or leaf
  • If you find the taste to your liking, it’s now time to seal it tight and stored in a cool and dark place
  • Let the concoction soak for a month or 10 days
  • The longer the mix is soaked, the more potent the flavor of the extraction
  • After 10 days or a month, use a cheesecloth to strain the alcohol from the cannabis
  • You now have your own homebrewed cannabis tincture
  • Store them in dark colored medicine bottles with eye dropper caps

For larger scale cannabis tincture processing by facilities, more sophisticated equipment is used. The environment is highly sterile where extraction is close-looped. The manufacturers may either use carbon dioxide solvent or go solvent-free by combing extreme heat and high pressure to process cannabis tinctures.

What are the branded names of medical marijuana tinctures?

The demand for cannabis strains with high levels of CBD or non-psychoactive cannabinoid with lower or no psychoactive THC levels has been steadily rising. This slow but steady rise of interest has caught the interest of retail brands, cultivators, and processors to focus on producing tinctures composed of CBD/THC or CBD only.

There have been media stories about parents uprooting from their former states to transfer to cannabis-friendly states. The main reason was to desperate need to seek cannabis relief for their very sick children.

Cannabis-friendly states have, in turn, processed very health beneficial products, leading to excellent brands. Some of them are famous ones such as Dixie and CW Botanicals producing CBD only tinctures.

States that have legalized the use and processing of medical marijuana have also seen the rise of CBD Natural Health Products.

Potency, purity, and reliability are the promises held by these major and trusted brands. In the case of Dixie, processing a variety of tinctures is done on a carbon dioxide closed-loop and laboratory-grade environment to assure the highest grade.

The plight of the nomadic parents often referred to as “cannabis refugees” is not without merit. States allowing the process, distribution, and selling of high-grade medical cannabis tinctures have dramatically improved the lives of their sick children.


Why CBD-rich tinctures rather than CBD edibles?

In the case of the nomadic parents, the edge CBD-rich tinctures have over edibles is the rapid effect of the medication. The medicinal effect of edibles can take between 2 hours at the most or 45 minutes at the least.

This is not the case with tinctures that takes effect as little as 15 minutes, tops. This is very crucial especially for patients who do not have the time to wait for more than 2 hours for the medication to take effect. The side effects of nausea and vomiting in patients undergoing chemotherapy need fast relief.

Tinctures also provide the perfect answer to children that are not allowed to vape or smoke medical cannabis.

Another great advantage of medical marijuana tinctures is the discretion factor. Lighting up while at work or at a restaurant is out of the question even in states legalizing cannabis. Tinctures, however, can be used discreetly in any place to relieve medical conditions.


In closing

There are many advantages to the use of cannabis tinctures whether you make your own or purchase branded ones. The rapid effect of the tinctures is its foremost advantage. Relief from pain, headache, muscle spasms, and other forms of serious medical conditions need to be fast and reliable. Waiting hours for a medication to take effect is impractical, if not life-threatening.